Holly Madison Is Leary Of Hugh Hefner’s New Fiancee

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 14, 2011

Holly Madison — the former girlfriend of Playboy tycoon Hugh Hefner — initially didn’t want to spill the beans about her former boyfriend’s engagement to Crystal Harris, but she has finally opened up about the matter. While talking to a reputed magazine, the 32-year-old admitted that she was shocked to know that the Playboy mogul had decided to tie the knot with his present girlfriend Crystal Harris. Hugh Hefner, 84 revealed late last month that he got engaged to his 24-year-old girlfriend on Christmas Day although the wedding dates remain elusive.

In her interview to the leading magazine, the Playboy supremo’s former flame said that although she really wants Hugh Hefner to settle down, his engagement with Crystal Harris was a ‘hasty decision’ while adding that she is unsure of the fact that whether the 24-year-old model is the right person for him. Moreover, Holly Madison further goes on to describe Crystal Harris as a ‘mysterious character’ who is probably too young to settle down at the moment. It seems that the 31-year-old model is finding it increasing hard to digest the fact that her former beau chose someone else to tie the knot with, considering her blunt disapproval for Hugh Hefner’s engagement.

However, Holly Madison emphasized that she is anything but jealous of the fact that Crystal Harris is all set to marry the Playboy mogul while adding that the only thing that she is scared of is someone taking advantage of her ex-beau to kick start her own career. Nevertheless, Holly Madison’s disapproval is not something that seems to have bothered Crystal Harris much who has revealed through her manager that she is super excited to be marrying Hugh Hefner.

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