High Drama Casey Anthony Trial Could Rage On Past Sunday

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jul. 03, 2011

Coming off the heels of shocking twists and high drama in an Orlando, Florida courtroom, the Casey Anthony trial will come to a close Sunday with the closing statements from both the defense — who allege that Anthony didn’t murder her daughter and that instead she drowned in the family backyard swimming pool and that George Anthony helped cover up his granddaughters death by dumping the body in the nearby woods — and the prosecution — who say that her two-year old daughter’s death had to do nothing with the family pool and that Anthony herself killed her daughter in order to continue the careless life of a party girl.

Despite the trial typically airing on Saturdays and taking Sundays off in recent weeks, it was exactly the reverse this week as both sides requested Saturday off in order go give their closing statements on Sunday. The jury will then be able to deliberate shortly after the closing statements. Judge Belvin Perry has made it known that he wants the jury to deliberate and then have the July 4th Independence holiday off to spend with their family. They have now been in sequester for about 40 days now without contact from their family or outside parties that may influence the outcome of the trial.

The final closing arguments are set to air this Sunday around 8:30 AM EST and air all day long. Judge Perry has said that he will continue to hold court hearings on July 4th and afterward, if necessary. Casey Anthony could face the death penalty if she is found guilty of first degree murder of her daughter.