Half Of Americans Drink Sugary Beverages, Surpass Recommended Amount

Written by Jessica Smith on Sep. 01, 2011

Fresh off a study that shows that over half of American adults will be obese by the year 2030, new figures by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that at least half of Americans over the age of two-years-old drink at least one soda on any given day.

The study found that teenagers and young adults were those that drink sugary drinks the most. Men were more likely to drink sugary drinks than women, the study also found.

Men and young adults drink on average about 175 calories of sugary drinks a day, about 46% more than the 94 calories women and girls drink. Males between the ages of 12-19 drink the most with about 273 calories’ worth on any given day.

The American Heart Association recommends of drinking no more than 450 calories of sweetened drinks per week. However, based on the study, if a person drank a can of Coca-Cola every day, at 140 calories, that would be 980 calories — more than double the recommended amount. For men, that is almost three times the recommended amount. For young men between the ages of 12-19, that is over 4 times the amount the AHA suggests. Even on the low-end, women drink 32% more sugary drinks than advised.

According to studies, sugared beverages has been linked to all sorts of medical problems in recent years, including weight gain, poor overall diet, obesity, and type 2 diabetes in adults. Health officials have been urging people to cut back on them for years with some advocates limiting the sales of sugary beverages in schools and campuses in place of water, unsweetened teas and low-fat milks.

17,000 people took part in the study based on in-person interviews from 2005-2008, where participants were asked to recount everything they ate and drank from the previous day. Diet sodas, 100% fruit juice,sweetened teas, and flavored milks were not taken into consideration, however.

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