Gucci Mane Gets A Tattoo Of An Ice Cream On His Face

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 15, 2011

Gucci Mane recently got a tattoo of an ice-cream on his face, maybe because he considers himself as cool as ice. Gucci Mane’s latest tattoo is that of an ice cream cone having three scoops and the word “brrr” on the right side of his face. This picture of him with his new tattoo has created a buzz all over the Internet. Nevertheless, a number of people have been taken aback and are confused with this unusual decision of the rapper.

PHOTOS: Shots of Gucci Mane’s new ice cream tattoo on his face!

Gucci Mane was recently released from a psychiatric treatment center after pleading “mental incompetency” due to some probation violation. The rapper had an ice cream cone tattooed on to his face on Wednesday. Gucci Mane, 30, is happily flaunting an ice-cream cone with three scoops tattooed on to his right cheek, with the word “Brrr” along with a number of red lightning bolts. Now, it is a matter of question as to what this ice-cream tattoo basically means. According to the reports of Gucci Mane’s spokesperson Kali Bowyer, the image of the ice-cream is a reminder to his fans as to how he chooses to live his life. The ice-cream tattoo defines his life as cool as ice. The spokesperson told the media that the ice cream cone design was used for a medallion as well which Gucci Mane had been wearing for years and could be seen in most of the photos that have come out on the Internet.

However, Gucci Mane’s fans hope that the new tattoo might be lucky for the rapper to give an impetus to his career. It is not clear as to why he was released from the psychiatric treatment or what was his probation status. The rapper’s legal problems date back to 2001. His most recent problems stem from resisting arrest in November last year following an alleged assault.

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