Greg Palkot Of Fox News & Other Journalists Injured In Egypt

Written by Michael Lambarde on Feb. 05, 2011

In Egypt, the voiolence against respective journalists has escalated as quite a few journalists known to the American public have been injured and humiliated in part to the Egyptians. The reports of video journalist Olaf Wiig and Greg Palkot, Fox News journalist, being attacked has sent shock waves across global media. The update is that when the injured journalists were taken to a hospital they were detained by the military police and even had to put up with the accusation of being named Israeli spies. A source has reported that Greg Palkot was kept blindfolded which definitely added to his ordeal. However, much to the relief of the top executives of the channel they were able to speak with the injured duo over phone later. The journalist duo were shaken mentally and they are on tenterhooks.

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As the news of attack on Fox news journalists including Greg Palkot spread, the White House officials were informed. They in turn got in touch with the U.S. embassy in Cairo. The Egyptian ambassador in Washington was also informed and their intervention ensured the safety of the journalists. Later both of them were released and shifted to an undisclosed and safe location. The incident has alarmed the top honchos of other TV channels and media entities who are worried about the safety of their crew members in Egypt.

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A Fox news official said about the incident, “We were more concerned with the health and safety of Greg and Olaf than doing press junkets”. The situation is only worsening in Egypt as the supporters of the president and his detractors are clashing in the open.

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