Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong Ejected From Flight Due To Saggy Pants

Written by Jessica Smith on Sep. 04, 2011

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight on Thursday because of having saggy pants, according to reports. The lead vocalist/guitarist for the American punk rock band thought it was going to be just another routine flight from Oakland to Burbank, but things went sour when a stewardess told Armstrong that he needed to hike his pants higher prior to flight takeoff.

Cindy Qiu, an ABC7 San Francisco producer who was on the flight, noted that Armstrong initially said that he was just trying to get his “f–king seat” and asked if there were “better things [for the stewardess] to do than worry about [his pants].”

That didn’t scare the stewardess away, however, as she told him that if he didn’t comply, he could be ejected from the flight, but Armstrong didn’t listen and he and his partner who was on the same flight were then removed from the flight.

Naturally, he took to his Twitter account to talk about the mishap. “Just got kicked off a southwest flight because my pants sagged too low! What the f──? No joke!” he wrote.

Southwest, seeing the negative publicity that it was generating, then issued a statement saying that Armstrong would be allowed to board the next flight to Burbank.

“As soon as we became aware of what had happened, we reached out to apologize for this Customer’s experience,” the statement by Southwest spokesman Brad Hawkins said. “He elected to take the next flight. We followed up with this Customer and involved Employees to get more details and, in our latest conversations, understand from the Customer the situation was resolved to his satisfaction.”

  • Rdenn

    Good for the Stewardess(s) !!!!
    There are too many idiots like him.

    • Trafxux

      “Don’t want to be an Anti-Americal idiot.” Like Armstrong.

  • Aldfasdf

    I like Greenday, and I feel like anyone can dress like they please, but if you are in someone else’s business, despite you paying a fee for their service, you should comply with their requests and get on with it like an adult and not a child.

  • c.westerhof

    For pete sake “There are too many idiots like him.”? really? What does that mean? Please elaborate. Personal sense of fashion has nothing to do with security of an aircraft unless you like wearing hats made of dynamite. Dress code requirements for airlines are the same as those for gas stations. shoes, shirt, genetalia concealed. That’s it.

    • Guest

      Airliners (and gas stations) are private property and the owner can enforce any dress code he chooses.  Airlines and gas stations would be well-advised to adopt dress standards that do not offend their customers.  There is some tension here.  Many customers are offended by a man who has his pants around his thighs and his underwear serving as outerwear.  Others like to dress in this manner because they are idiots and they become offended when asked to cover their underwear.  It’s a classic Hobson’s choice for the airline.

  • roy

    She should have helped him hike them up by planting her foot in his butt

    • Republicans Suck

      No, thats what we need to do to Scott Walker, Mitch McConnell, John Boner, Eric Cantor, Sarah Palin and Michelle Wierdo.

  • roy

    Too bad the jerks at Southwest didn’t have the guts to back their employee. Now when someone is really causing a problem the employees will be less likely to intervene. Piss poor !!!

  • Greatservice

    great! all you need now is for some dumb stewardess to tell you how to dress! that sure makes your day.

  • Some Guy

    He is absolutely not an idiot, he’s an awesome singer, songwriter and a pretty cool guy. Having said that, have to agree, just pull your pants up dude, stop taunting the flying waitress, she is a lesbian and hates men, especially with saggy pants hehe

    • Zoobie

      Why do you say all lesbians hate men you are stupid.This is not the case in this situation she was just being a bitch.I am a black lesbian and I like greenday and I didn’t like her actions at all.But before. Make ur homophobic comments just think(I know that’s hard for u )

  • James172_blink

    It should not matter because on many flights there’s people who wear sandals with super short shorts..if a plane runs into a problem I think they would regert it..

  • Jerry Mindobizness

    Do your balls hang low, can you tie them in a knot can you tie them in a bow? Take a Southwest flight and don’t get your panties in a bunch ’cause you’ll end up in a crunch, make a run for the flight but end up in a fight … do your balls hang low?

  • LK

    Southwest is ridiculous… the last Southwest flight I was on, I saw a guy and his girlfriend get kicked off the plane for the crime of KISSING each other. The flight attendant was on a power trip and just decided to ruin someone’s day for no reason. After talking to others I’ve heard many similar stories. That’s why I’m never flying Southwest again.

    • PLT

      There is a time – and a place – for everything. If you are bent on making a spectacle of yourself just to get attention then you need to have your ass kicked by someone in authority.

  • Leslyn

    He is young and does not think that the rules apply to him….grow up, and pull up you’re darn pants ! If you had to look at your butt like we do, you would agree!!!

  • 123

    F&&k Green Day! They haven’t had a good album in ten years. Pull up your pants jacka$$.

  • saggingISforLOSERS

    typical holier than tho entertainer,, get over yourself and pull up your friggin pants..
    also.. flying coach means doing wtf the stewardess says, dont like it,, charter a jet and stuf, im sure he could afford it..

  • Snow4ever

    the dude is 39 years old, time to pull the pants up!

  • Sick

    What about the black fellow who was kicked off the plane and arrested…thown in jail too. This guy gets an apology. Makes me f****ing sick!

    • observer1

      I recall that the difference was Armstrong got off the plane as ordered while the black fellow continued to argue and would not leave the plane.

    • guest

      You are surprised that a millionaire rock star gets treated better than most people?

  • Goalie209

    Wait a second, just because he is a famous singer doesn’t mean he is thinking himself higher than the stewardess. Any other person probably wouldn’t like being told to pull up their pants and would respond in kind, I know I would! Obviously this isn’t an important issue for a flight as the company had him take the next flight. I’d admire anyone for what he did.

  • Be_elza_bub

    Have you ever tried to pull up your pants while carrying a carry on or loading and overhead bin? If he was in process of sitting, or was sitting why would someone ask you to pull up your pants. This is like the third SWA incident like this. Don’t they think they should stop their policing of albeit ugly and stupid, but not illegal dress trends? Crazy. Maybe the stewardess should be like the overstressed Jet Blue guy, grab a beer, jump and become an American Hero!

  • Decade16

    honestly… wht r u ppl starin at his ass anyway. who cares how he dresses. im a greenday fan and im on their side side. thats just my oppinion. and flight attendants piss me off anyway, especialy when you get to the location an they greet you. like they just got there to so like wtf???

  • Sir Loin.

    What kind of a 39 year old guy walls around with sagging pants and talking to woman that way? Its a shame this idiot gets backed up by society and put on a pedestal to make people think acting like this is okay, Southwest should step up as an employer and defend their employee who cares for the company’s image instead of some crappy musicians, i’m 18 and I can say this guy need to grow up.

    • Billykidd

      “What kind of a 39 year old guy, ” A 39 year old entertainer. But that’s beside the point.I don’t see how you’ve determined this person is an idiot, besides his album of the same name. Nor do I see where he acted out of bounds. Southwest made the right decision to apologize. Since you are 18 you may be forgiven for not analyzing the situation and realizing there is more to life than fighting about saggy pants.

      • charlie

        you must be a 50 yr old with saggy pants. And he is an idiot, not only saggy paint but a a filty mouth at that.Name like Billykidd says it all  !!!!!!!!

        • Guest

          Well said Charlie.  Just because he’s 50 doesn’t mean he’s a grown up.  I wish more people would enforce basic standards of behaviour like this flight attendand did.  The 7-year old little girl doesn’t need to see this idiot’s underwear or hear his filthy mouth.  Throw him off!

    • no apology

      The kind that lives in the USA and has the right to dress as he pleases. dumb c–nt she have been doing her job and not being the fashion police this is not comunist china . 

  • Jimmy Swaggart

    I think it’s wonderful that Southwest is standing up for proper moral standards and upright behavior. They just need to defend marriage by banning Senators Craig, Vitter, and Ensign; Governors Schwarzenenegger, Spitzer, McGreevey, and Sanford; candidates Guliani, McCain, Gingrich; and commentator Limbaugh. Marriage is sacred, once for life.

  • Sarahpalinisanidiot

    he wasn’t the only one on the plane. how about children and senior citizens? would you care to sit next to a baby in diaper only? come on, why make evryone stare and smell your f-ing stinking butt? go home and get naked in your own home.

  • Sevenbelow

    once you’re on that plane, you must comply with the flight the direction of the flight attendant. period. a simple, “ok, sorry” followed by complying with the request wouldn’t have been much of a big deal IMO. quit your b!tchin and just do it

  • delu

    maybe she hate greenday

  • Marlok1

    Another case of a major company kissing a celebrities ass…


    As a Green Day fan from the beginning, and as someone who respects the right of people to dress the way they choose, I wish to say….”Billie, pull up your pants and act like an adult when necessary.” Thank you sir….keep making great music. Thank you.

  • De Who?

    Yep, he should have just hiked ’em up. But then…why was the wench paying so much attention to his pants anyway?

  • Truewestgirl

    Tell him to pull his damn pants up – I hate that fashion trend. These young “men” drive me bananas. no REAL man wears saggy ass pants…….with his butt crack hanging out unless you are an asshat. I’d kick him off the plane too just for being an idiot

  • My9ers

    Can’t people just follow a simple request. It was asked for the respect of others especially family’s with children. People need to stop being so selfish and think about others. I’m a F/A and would have done the same thing. If people can’t respect others especially the one in charge of the passengers, then I say you need to drive or charter your own plane. I’m sure he can afford it!
    As for not getting support from SWA, well that doesn’t shock me. They have done some stupid things before, but this really stinks. Protect what’s right and make a stand!

  • Kowalskt63

    Why is a “rock star” flying on southwest for anyway? Where’s all the money gone Billy?

  • I see a bunch of lossers here sticking up for a waitress because this is the little peoples’ chance to wield authority. But, since when did a flying waitress get the authority to set dress codes for the public? How about if the pilot came out an told a lady her dress was too short or decided the cut was too revealing, or he was going to kick Democrats off the plane for being too soft on Muslims? She should have shut her mouth and got him a drink and a pillow. Obviously, she was writing checks that her airline was not willing to cash. As far as someone telling me what clothes they approve of, I would have told them the same thing. People who suppot the waitress are little people who worry about rules but they have no problem allowing tyrants to outstep their authority. These are the Republicans and Democrats that defer to government authority and allow it to violate the Constitution, torture, murder and lie the nation into war so our ruling criminals can steal wealth. They had the same problem in Nazi Germany, that being in a police state everyone wanted to be little Hitlers. And, it there were police present I am sure he would have been charged with about 15 crimes.

  • hkh

    I met him in person once and he was a total dickhole. Grow up, loser.

  • tommis leedom

    Wow there’s a lot of little uptight pricks commenting on this article. America is a free country therefor any person should be able to dress as they please, southwest’s penut lady just wanted to be a bitch that day and fuck with someone for no reason. Who cares what someones pants look like, keep your eyes to yourself and your comments under your breath and there would be no problems. Now if he was wearing a turbin….

  • How many 39 year old men can write the continuous hit music year after year. Let’s not become too Nazified. Sounds like the Southwest employee wasn’t much of a music lover. I hate my 16 year old son wearing his pants in a saggy manner but I wouldn’t want him thrown off a flight either. I don’t make a big deal out of it so he can pass through this stage and move on to maturity. This sounds to me like an over reaction by the Southwest employee which is what Southwest thought or he wouldn’t have gotta on the next flight.

    • Guest

      Grow up, be the Father and make your kid dress in a respectable manner.  And make him get a haircut.  You will stop being his best friend and quickly become his dad.  By dressing and behaving appropriately in public, you are showing respect to the people around you.  They will show respect to you in return.  In the end, your son will learn that he should respect himself.  And he’s less likely to get thrown off an airliner for dressing and talking like a stupid punk when he’s 39 years old.

  • goodbyeusa.

    Acutally. He is the customer. He paid for his seat and he wasn’t walking around with his genitals showing. Everyone has a right to make a fashion statement which I believe originated from the States.

    The airline recognised that the politically correct pion does not rule the hospitality business and made the correct decision. He seems to have accepted it with grace afterwards. Good for them both.

    Mind you, I hope small minded bigots continues to ruin America. It explains America’s rapid fall from grace as a place of innovation, styles and ideals. Will be fun to have a North American as my full time domestic helper in Asia.

  • Rouseno1

    I’m sick and tried of young men, wearing their sagging pants,. I’m ashame that Southwest did’nt support their employee. What happed to  respect , guess it went out the window!!!!

  • John Smith

    Couldn’t they just kick him off for being a punk rock poser for the last twenty years.