‘Golden Voice’ Man Ted Williams Arrested & Then Sent To Rehab

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 14, 2011

The man with a golden voice, Ted Williams, who became an overnight star because of his voice made for the radio, was arrested and detained by police on Monday after he had a fight with his daughter. Los Angeles Police Department announced the news to the media. On the other hand, representative of “The Dr. Phil Show”, Stacey Luchs also reported that the homeless man with his golden voice has agreed to enter rehab to get treatment for his alcohol and drug related issues, after appearing on the show.

VIDEO: Ted Williams talks about his overnight success on CBS’ Early Show

On Monday, the law enforcement officials responded to a call from Renaissance Hotel after Ted Williams got into a fight with his daughter. The Los Angeles Police Department spokesman said that both of them were later transferred to the Hollywood station. Ted Williams’ daughter Janey Williams told police that her father was drinking “Grey Goose” at night and the duo got into an altercation when she stopped him from drinking alcohol. The law enforcement officials reported that Ted Williams, who is a recovering alcoholic was later released by the police. However, no one was charged with any crime.

VIDEO: Ted Williams’ awkward interview on NBC’s Today Show

Los Angeles police Officer Catherine Massey said that it can be called as a minor incident, though both the parties were involved but there was no sign of visual abuse. However, the media outlets reported that Ted Williams agreed to enter rehab after his interview with “The Dr. Phil Show” host, Dr. Phil McGraw. Ted Williams family members also appeared in the show to discuss his drinking problem. Dr. Phil McGraw said that if Ted Williams wants to get rid of his drinking habits, then he would have to admit that he is addicted to alcohol and drug. However, the doctor said that he feels the man with golden voice is heading to the right direction by entering rehab. The show will be aired on Thursday.

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