‘Glee’ Star Jane Lynch Says America’s Not Ready For Gay Leading Roles

Written by Rob Soto on Jan. 14, 2011

‘Glee’ actress Jane Lynch made headlines today by claiming that America is not ready for leading roles to be played by gay men or women. Although America was full of fans for lesbian actress Jane Lynch, the gay rights activist states that she does not believe the country is ready for romantic leading roles in movies to be played by gay actors.

Lynch stated in an interview with AfterElton.com that studios will hesitate on casting gay actors and actresses for leading roles, especially in romantic films, due to the fact that the audience would not like it.

The actress shared her thoughts, “I don’t know when or if that will ever happen. I think because since most of the world is straight — and maybe we’ll get to a place where this will happen — most of the world is straight and we want the audience to project their hopes and dreams for love and romance onto those actors. And if it’s not in some way possible, maybe never probably, in their mind that it could never happen, then they’re not going to do it. You know, most people are straight, and I think that’s probably why.”

Lynch goes on to explain that she does not really feel as though she is being discriminated against. She simply believes that the audience would have a harder time believing in a romantic role, if the actor was known to be gay in real life.

“Look, I’ve never — as far as I know, it’s been behind my back if it has — I’ve never been turned down for a role because I’m gay. I’m a character actor, and that’s probably why. I don’t find Hollywood, in my own experience, to be homophobic,” Lynch explained. “Have I ever been turned down? I don’t know because you never know when you don’t get something or why you didn’t get it. But I do think the straight folks will continue to play the straight roles.”

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