Gay Rumors Start Flying After James Franco’s LA Times Interview

Written by Rob Soto on Jan. 08, 2011

Gay fans of James Franco, who always suspected him of being a closet gay, now have something to cheer about. The handsome actor who has acted in a number of hit Hollywood movies, including the Spider Man movies, has been known for his sexual ambiguity. The sexuality of some Hollywood stars and celebrities have always been a subject of speculation and there have been a number of instances where some stars admitted being curious and involved in same sex relations in their lives. The examples of David Bowie and Ricky Martin can be cited in this context. The latter came out about his same sex attraction last year. In some of his movies including the academy award winner Milk, actor James Franco has played openly gay roles. In Milk he played the boyfriend of Sean Penn and had no qualms about smooching him on screen as well.

In an interview given to a magazine recently, the Eat Pray Love actor was asked about his penchant for playing gay roles on screen to which he gave an ambiguous and charming reply. He neither refuted nor accepted the rumor about his sexual orientation but said “There are lots of other reasons to be interested in gay characters than wanting myself to go out and have sex with guys”. He added that he finds the other aspects of gay characters he chooses interesting.

The statements of James Franco on his orientation leaves a lot of room for speculation and the gossip mongers are doing their bit! His girl friend actress Ahna O’Reilly however, does not take it seriously.

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