Friend: Kim Kardashian Wants To Have Children ‘Quick’

Written by Jessica Smith on Aug. 30, 2011

Kim Kardashian just got married last weekend, but that doesn’t mean that she and her husband Kris Humphries aren’t ready to welcome children. The reality star has reportedly told her closest friends that she is ready to become a mother.

Lisa Gastineau, formerly of E!’s short-lived The Gastineau Girls, told Us Weekly that she “wants babies.” She added, “Let’s cross the fingers. And her mom wants her to have babies quick. She will be a great mom. She is very nurturing.”

About the happily new married couple, Gastineau notes that Kim’s NBA player husband “adores” his wife. “I wish that every girl that I know had someone that adores her. Just the way he looks at her. He’s so cool. He stands up to her. Kim is a little dynamo. It is amazing, it is a fun, fun relationship watching them,” she said.

Kim revealed earlier this summer to LOOK magazine that she’ll likely want to have babies “at some point” in 2012. “I’m sure at some point in the next year I’ll want to have babies, so I have to get into my best shape before that,” she said at the time.

“Maybe we’ll start trying at the end of the year. After the wedding,” she added. Now that her fairytale wedding has come and gone, however, many are left wondering if the newlywed couple are trying or if they’re going to wait a little while longer.