Friday Box Office: ‘Horrible Bosses’ Respectable, ‘Transformers’ Down Double Digits

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jul. 09, 2011

The premieres of Horrible Bosses and Zoo Keeper did just OK in the Friday box office. They were still, however, well behind week two of Transformers: Dark of the Moon, which brought in an estimated $14.92 million for a total gross of $228.9 million. Movie-to-movie, however, compared to how Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen did at this point two weekends in, it is down 17%. Revenge of the Fallen had just over $269 million at this point two years ago. The premiere of the comedy Horrible Bosses drew a respectable $9.92 million. Many critics expect the movie to do better as it goes along due to the strong reviews the movie has generated.

The premiere of Zookeeper, however, was behind Horrible Bosses by 25% as it was only able to draw $7.4 million. The beginning of the third weekend of Cars 2 was able to bring in $4.83 million for a total gross of $138.45 million. Even better for Cars 2 is that despite the very negative reviews, it is well on pace where the original Cars was at this point five years ago. Movie-to-movie, Cars 2 is only down 1% from the $139.81 million Cars had at this point about two-and-a-half weekends in. Bad Teacher rounded out the top five with an additional $3 million for a total gross of $32.76 million.