FOX News Accidentally Airs F-Bombs During Casey Anthony Trial Coverage

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jul. 05, 2011

FOX News found itself in hot water Monday afternoon when they inadvertently broadcasted not one, not two but five occurrences of a profane word during its coverage of the Casey Anthony trial. It occurred when the the prosecution gave a rebuttal to the defense’s closing statements Monday morning in an Orlando court house. During the rebuttal, they broadcasted a telephone recording between Anthony and her mother Cindy to the jury in which the recording had the word “f—ing” coming from Anthony’s mouth on five different occasions.

FOX News — unlike many of its other competitors such as HLN, MSNBC and CNN that were also covering the case live — decided not to go with the traditional seven-second delay that networks use during live broadcasts in order to stop occurrences like what occurred Monday from happening on national television. Immediately after the expletives being broadcast, anchor Gregg Jarrett almost instantly appeared on the screen and apologized to the viewers watching about the expletives being broadcasted without being censored.

Anthony is on trial for allegedly murdering her daughter Caylee back in the summer of 2008, the prosecution states. The defense, however, has argued that Anthony’s daughter accidentally drowned in the family swimming pool and that Anthony’s father, George, helped cover it up by burying the body in the nearby woods. The jury started their deliberations on Monday and will continue to decide whether Anthony is or isn’t guilty of murdering her daughter in the coming days. Reporters covering the case say that such a high profile case that involves the death penalty could cause the jury to take weeks to ultimately determine their verdict.