Former ‘American Idol’ Star, Kris Allen, Opens Up About New Judges

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 22, 2011

The premiere of the new season of “American Idol,” the tenth, has already come and gone with quite a few changes this year. For instance, a new set of judges and a new format were introduced. The show lived up to the expectation of the audience. Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez took the judges seat for the first time and Randy Jackson seemed to have filled up Simon Cowell’s seat. Though different people gave different views about the judges, “American Idol” season 8 champion, Kris Allen gave an exclusive interview to a reputed media source, where he described his thoughts on the new judges panel.

BACKSTAGE PHOTOS: New ‘Idol’ judge, Jennifer Lopez, and Randy Jackson arrive at a American Idol taping

The season 8 “American Idol” champion said that the overall show was good and entertaining enough though he found “Aerosmith” front man most interesting. Kris Allen said that he found Steven Tyler “awesome” in the show and he is waiting to see more of him. When the media outlets asked him, how both Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez would have influenced him if they had been the judges of his winning season, the singer said that the whole thing would have been superb. Kris Allen said that the whole situation could have been “weird” enough as Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez are in the music industry for years and singing in front of them would have a bit difficult.

PHOTOS: Shots of Jennifer Lopez looking hot last month with Jackson and Tyler, promoting the new season of American Idol

However, Kris Allen also said that after hearing his song, Steven Tyler might also have joined him onstage, like he did on the premiere. According to Kris Allen, the overall show was good, though not mind blowing enough. The former “American Idol” winner said that there were some good singers as well. This was for the first time in “American Idol” history, the contestants were allowed to give their audition through social networking site MySpace.

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