Fitness Guru Jack LaLanne Dies At 96

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 24, 2011

Long back, he used to say that he did not want to die as that would ruin his image of “Fitness Guru”, but at the age of 96, he had to succumb to the wrath of old age, and Jack LaLanne passed away on Sunday, after suffering from respiratory failure as a result of pneumonia. His unfortunate demise took place in his Morro Bay home in California.

Jack LaLanne will always be remembered as the pioneer of modern fitness. Long before the United States started realizing the importance of staying fit with the help of work outs and regular exercises, he has been advocating mass fitness. He once said that people thought he was “charlatan and a nut”. He also added that the doctors told him to avoid such rigorous exercise regime as that would decrease his sexual drive and make him vulnerable to cardiac arrest, but he remained true to his passion and commitments and went ahead to become the father of modern fitness. Robert Thompson, a professor of Syracuse University, said that he was perfect for television as he had the potential to relate to the audiences and be a part of their domestic spaces. Jack LaLanne’s fitness show on TV, “The Jack LaLanne Show” became one of the first and the most popular fitness show in the United states.

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who is a fitness freak himself, attributes his great body to this fitness legend. He said that Jack LaLanne inspired others to pursue fitness programs, at the time when television was not so glamorized. Apart from being a fitness freak, Jack LaLanne has also been a very truthful and dedicated husband. His wife for 51 years, Elaine LaLanne said that she has not only lost her husband but also her best friend and the most loving partner.

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