Facebook Coming To An End November 5th? Hackers Say So

Written by Jessica Smith on Aug. 10, 2011

Come November 5th, Facebook will be “destroyed”, if a person known as “Anonymous” has his way, anyway. The hacking group, in a Youtube video as well as through a Twitter account, reveal that orchestrated plan will be named “Operation Facebook”.

The hacking group called out Facebook for its privacy setting that makes it difficult for many users to delete their account once they’re signed up.

“[Facebook] gives users the illusion of (privacy) and hides the details away from them ‘for their own good’ while they then make millions off of you,” they say regarding the reason that they plan to take it down. They allege that Facebook sells information to government agencies once users sign up to the popular social media website and that they “spy on people”.

The hacking group goes on to say that “Facebook knows more about you than your family.”

The group has even tried to recruit members to join the team. “If you are a willing hacktivist or a guy who just wants to protect the freedom of information then join the cause and kill Facebook for the sake of your own privacy,” the hacking group said in the Youtube video.

  • Anonymous

    Is it really that difficult? You hit deactivate account, and poof – 15 days later it’s gone. The real question is, can you make it 15 days without logging in?

    • Bob

      Your information is not deleted. but stored, and still sold to third parties, dumb-ass.

      • Anonymous

        Ok asshole I get that, but if you discontinue use how much information does Facebook really have on you? So they knew who my “friends wre” and that I “liked” a band or two, big deal.

        My point remains; if you no longer use the service how much of you and your habits exist anymore to track? ZERO.

        • Techno

          noob….. so you safe because you don’t give out shit info to anyone. good for you. Facebook knows you address by login and ip address location, anything you post on Fuckedbook belongs to fuckedbook don’t ya get it…. how many ppl die because of giving out info on fuckedbook, truely is this world so fuckin stupid,,, stop and think a 1 second… Kill fuckedbook forever

          • meee meee meee

            Techno … you have have a little paranoia problem goin on there!

        • Endingstory

          Sir, I would like to inform you on something. Facebook lies. Your account isn’t deactivated EVER after 15 days, I’ve logged into an account I haven’t used for two years a few weeks back easily. When you deactivate your account, Facebook still has access to all your chat logs, all you statuses and anything and everything you ever did on Facebook. Whether or not they are selling this info doesn’t make a difference(though I say they are)…they are still tricking people into letting them use this personal information for whatever they want. Facebook has even stated after your account is disabled they can still access your photos and do ANYTHING they want with them. So, should you be paranoid? Yes. Should you abandon Facebook? If you really care, yes. I just hope Facebook goes down on November 5th because they’ve been violating people’s security and tricking people into thinking they are about privacy when they aren’t. You aren’t safe on any site where you give out personal information.
          /Endstory. Next time learn to fucking research what you’re talking about dumbass.

      • meee meee meee

        hey Bob … apparently that’s why you know so much about this stuff, because APPARENTLY you have NO people skills. Do you actually EVER get out in the real world and tell people to their faces that they’re a DUMBASS???? Probably not or you’d be typing that response from a hospital room. The internet is alot of risky things … it’s risky to even go on it, it’s risky to give any information, it’s risky to visit certain sites … but it’s more risky to actually go up to someone IN REAL LIFE and call them a dumbass! It’s entirely safe to do it in the anonymity of the internet … I don’t take you even remotely seriously and nor will anyone else.

  • Techno


    • meee meee meee

      wow … dude … you need to relax

      • Fabians44


        Learn to spell and I think everyone might take you serious.

        • Nixie_pixie


  • OpinionatedLady

    I don’t think “killing” Facebook will solve any of these problems….. just saying. Perhaps these people that hate Facebook so much and have the knowledge on how to “hack and kill” the website should be putting it to some better use. My personal opinion? I love Facebook. Some idiot wants to steal my info I can garuntee they will find a way to do so anyway, regardless of what I post on Facebook. And the social media rage has helped not only my business, but hundreds of other local business owners in my hometown grow and flourish. I think it’s a good thing, and if one little group wants to destroy the way so many of us are keeping in touch with distant family, reconnecting with long lost friends and growing our businesses, then I say they can pull their heads out of their asses and go to hell.

  • it’s already down, I can’t login. It just says connection reset.

  • grehtrhe

    Ok so people are saying “oh, they get your ip address then your actual address.” ok? the most they are gonna do is send you annoying ads and most likely give it to other ad companies who send u ads. This is annoying but im pretty sure I can live with it and Id rather just keep facebook if thats the most that can happen

  • jake

    BULLSHIT my ass. first people predict the end of the world. and look how that turned out .

  • Kay

    Behind them 100 percent…. slaughter the damn thing.


  • joe

    Kill the stupid thing. Too many people revolve around facebook like it’s their life. Every little thing is posted and guess what, knowbody cares! We don’t need to know if your “out shopping” or “in the shower” Some people can’t even go a day without logging in on that thing. If you really want to get a hold of somebody, pick up that thing called a phone and call them or text. Not wait for days with a third party conversation. So pathetic. Good riddance facebook!

  • scott knight

    Why would you do that

  • Maria-Magdalena

    Hack FB? Like,Srlsy? That’s like so 1985.

    This is like taggers pissing on every single wall in the city. Waste of space and time. Dogs do a better job.
    Do something with your skills. You’re not a hacktivist by interrupting FB, you’re just a little piss ant.
    Why not hack Faux Noise or the Iranian, Syrian, Lybian government? (Yes – I just added FN to the quadrat of bitter evil)

  • aussiedude

    sounds like to many people are on drugs theirs days. stop been so negative towards Facebook, they killed Myspace & bebo already they may have the info but I dont think they would make the effort into spying people world wide it figures that your from the USA since all that stuff does exist but placers like Australia, Middle east,south America and south-east asia…. nah not worth the risk & waste of money when you can use it on building space ships in secrit or help fund schools,public transport & Defiantly hospitals including more nurses and doctors. bahbah it sounds like the ps3 hackers acting up because they dont think before that act. read the fine print. :P

  • Oso

    Whether they kill facebook or not… do you think Facebook would let that to stop them?? The guy has TONS of money, there backups on everything… and I bet if the website got killed, if it wasn’t for all the information that needs to be transferred back into a new system it would take minutes. just remember the PS network when it was hacked… If you are in the networking business you would research the case to find a way to avoid that to happen to you… now it is the dumbest idea to announced something like this… it’d be like a thief announcing he will break in to the national bank in the news. that is my opinion. people who don’t like facebook I guess they should have read the policies before signing in. again that is my point of view.

  • Nynaeve

    I agree with Opinionated Lady. Nowadays, they can trace your phone calls, read your messages, read your emails. If you have a problem with privacy settings the answer is simple. Don’t join facebook. And besides, it is possible to delete an account. I have a friend who did it a year ago. You can find the how-to if you type ”How to delete my facebook account” into google.

  • Hawdey Grg Solta

    If Facebook is close than what am i going to do whole day?

  • Aleksandar Jauleski

    @2419b171ceb6a8848712dc4909112fbe:disqus  you gotta be kidding me? I will get rid of Ninja Saga :P