Expert Weighs In On Prince William Going Bald

Written by Michael Lambarde on Apr. 30, 2011

Yesterday, the world watched as Prince William got married to his longtime Kate Middleton. In addition to getting tying the knot with Middleton, he received the new title of Duke of Cambridge. However, during the ceremony, many noticed the bald spot on William’s head. An expert has weighed in on William’s condition, saying that he should “stabilize his situation” while he can.

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“Considering his young age and the unpredictability of where his hair loss is going to end, his main priority should be to stabilize his situation,” British trichologist Gary Heron said. “Some medications certainly have a track record of stopping the hair loss so long as the person continues to use (them).”

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Prince William, who met Middleton while in college, is only 28-years-old, which is why it surprised many people considering that he was losing his hair at such a young age. However, it seems that the trait runs in his family. William’s father, Prince Charles, and his grandfather, Prince Philip, were known for having receding hairlines and bald spots. His brother, Prince Harry, two-years-younger, however still appears to have a full head of hair.