Elizabeth Taylor Leaves Large Portion Of Money To AIDS Charities

Written by Michael Lambarde on Mar. 26, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor, who surprised many by passing away at the age of 79 in a Los Angeles, California hospital on Wednesday after battling congestive heart disease for a while is now giving back, even after death. The trailblazer actress who supported those with AIDS and HIV when people were backing away from such a taboo and controversial issue, will reportedly leave a large sum of her fortune she earned throughout her career to AIDS charities.

Taylor, who launched her own AIDS charity back in 1985 by the name of amfAR as well as the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, was instrumental in getting other celebrities on board in supporting those that suffered from AIDS. An auction will be held soon to benefit both of her organizations as well as other AIDS charities. It was reported about 9 years ago that her fortune had an estimated value of about $150 million. It is not known what percentage of her life earnings will go to the charities, however.