Drinking Wine Could Prevent Sunburn & Even Skin Cancer

Written by Rob Soto on Aug. 02, 2011

Looking to go out in the sun? Drinking wine may protect your skin, according to a new study. The study was recently published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry and the research team was led by a biochemisty major at the University of Barcelona. The study states that a certain compound found in grapes or grape derivatives may protect your skin from ultraviolet radiation.

It was found that the grape derivatives, called flavonoids (found in red wine), can stop the chemical reaction when the sun hits your skin that causes cells to die and cause skin damage. This, in turn, can help protect the skin from sunburn that many experience while out in the sun at this time of the year. It has been even linked to possibly even prevent skin cancer.

With the new study in place, Marta Cascante, the biochemist that led the study, is encouraging those that develop skin cream products to incorporate the grape derivatives with the newly-found results. “This study supports the idea of using these products to protect the skin from cell damage and death caused by solar radiation, as well as increasing our understanding of the mechanism by which they act”, Cascante said.

For those that aren’t a big fan of drinking wine, or simply can’t, Cascante says that simply eating grapes can be just as effective. Previously, drinking wine in moderation has also been linked to preventing cavities, fighting Alzheimer’s, and preventing prostate cancer.