Dougherty Siblings Still On The Run, Possibly In Colorado

Written by Michael Lambarde on Aug. 10, 2011

The FBI reports that they are still searching for three Florida siblings that are on the run after they allegedly shot a police officer and later robbed a bank. The three siblings include include Lee Grace, 29, Dylan, 26, and Ryan, 21.

On Tuesday, authorities believed that the three siblings were spotted in Colorado, and may have been headed to a campground or rural area to hide from the public. The trio were possibly spotted just north of downtown Colorado Springs near Interstate 25 around 1:30PM, according to a police officer in Colorado Springs.

The three suspects were allegedly spotted driving a white Subaru Impreza, which is what the suspects were last seen driving, with a stolen Texas license plate with numerals and letters “LCS 909”.

According to CBS News, the search for the siblings began when a police officer was trying to pull them over in Zephyrhills, Florida on August 2nd for speeding, only for one of the siblings to allegedly fire 20 shots at the police officer. After the incident, the siblings kept driving.

Just hours later, police state that the three robbed a bank over 200 miles away in Valdosta, Georgia, where they fired shots in the air and left with an undisclosed amount of money, a witness said.

Authorities say that they are considered armed and dangerous. “We don’t want people to think that these are just three kids,” Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said from Tampa. “These are three felony (offenders). They’ve actually committed numerous felonies throughout their lives. They’re street-smart. They know what they’re doing, and we need the public’s assistance to help capture them.”