‘Doomsday’ Comet Elenin May Be Disintegrating

Written by Dennis Bodzash on Aug. 30, 2011

Much Much has been made of Comet Elenin on the Internet, namely a giant production about how the comet may just be on a collision course with Earth, just in time for 2012. Well, for anyone starting to get nervous, don’t, as it is an established fact that Comet Elenin will not come all that close to earth, missing us by several million miles. However, doomsday aside, the comet is in the news again as it may actually be disintegrating.

Every night, astronomers, mostly amateurs, are monitoring and photographing the comet. In the past few days, some strange things have been taking place in regards to this cosmic visitor from the distant reaches of the solar system. So, what’s been going on in space? To start with, the comet has dramatically dropped in brightness. Another, more telling sign: the comet’s coma has elongated, which may hint at a disintegrating nucleus.

And all of it has been chronicled online.

On the Southern Comets website, webmaster Michael Mattiazzo has been chronicling the comet’s appearance through photographs, which appear on his main homepage, just scroll about a quarter of the way down to get to the Elenin section. Obviously, it does not require a degree in astrophysics to see that the comet is indeed changing, with the elongated coma being the most obvious difference between the new and older images.

While not conclusive proof of anything, Mattiazzo has gone so far to say that the comet is breaking up and, in all probability, won’t survive a close passage to the Sun, which is going to take place in early September.

Want to see the comet before it breaks apart? Well, you’ll have to move to the Southern Hemisphere to do so as the comet is currently invisible from the Northern half of the Earth. If the comet does survive perihelion (close approach to the Sun), it will appear in the Northern Hemisphere’s morning sky come the very end of September. Unfortunately, this does not appear likely thanks to the latest observations. However, as comets are always very hard to predict, stay tuned.

  • Ray

    Nasa has said even they don’t know the exact mass or orbital path and that is an established fact. All they have is estimates so anything could happen. The extreme nature of the natural disasters here recently, including my town that was practiclly mauled by a tornado, can’t be ignored and deserves questioning. People are affected and if there are celestial factors involved do you really think people would be informed? No. No news is good news, right? Prepare for the worst, hope for the best.

  • Dougthebug

    Elenin is a SHIP that has launched their shuttle pods. Ready for TEH ATTACKZ!

    • Maybe youre right its like those Gradius games. Maybe Elenin is in fact a leadoff mechanical alien monstrosity warship

  • Clark C. McClelland, NASA ScO

    As usual, those saying it is an alien craft followed by a fleet of other crafts on Coast to Coast appears to be VERY, VERY WRONG. So many charlatans, and few allowed by the captured media to state true facts. FEAR is in attendance with all the brain dead Sheeple in this former USA.

  • OTTB

    I love to see all of you squirm on these news… I used to be bothered by it but 2012 is a hype, natural disasters have slways been here.. HELLO it is no different then it used to be. And REALIZE one thing the only thing that WILL destroy this planet is HUMAN RACE cause we are killing it. ANd that is answer to your fear and questions. All these changes in out planet its OUR fault and it will end but not in 2012 and if it does well there is nothing u can do. So instead of freaking out about it go spend time with your loves ones and grow some balls

    • I don’t believe in space because its not mentioned in the Bible.

      • JonathanSnell

        HAHAHAHAHA!!!! That’s hilarious.

      • ROFL

    • Mechanical_coma

      ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ……… SNORT! Huh? Oh, just another green dream.

  • Bobeee

    Wow, here’s this comet, our knowledge of it doesn’t even span a year, supposed to be beginning it’s zip around the sun right about now, was supposed to be its closest to us in October, varified as really being there by NASA and given an ID number, C2010 x 1, has all these alignment earthquake event “coincidences”, causes a huge stir in the Youtube world, and now it decides to start disintegrating right before it gets here, Dutchsinse, who reports almost daily on earthquake events (via Youtube) around the world and has a convincing showing on how he believes our current weather issues are manipulated by HAARP comes out with a video denouncing buying into conspiracy theories, though still holds his HAARP stance. I have a weird feeling about all this.

  • Usb

    Why do you have to take a giant crap on the conspiracy geeks before you state the facts?

  • O’well

    What about the solar wind effecting the coma?