Doctors Say Gabrielle Giffords Is Able To Sing & Speak

Written by Michael Lambarde on Feb. 16, 2011

Just over one month after she was shot at point blank by a gunman at a grocery store in Arizona in early January, Gabrielle Giffords is remarkably recovering quite quickly, according to those close to the Democratic Arizona congresswoman. The bullet ended up in her brain, critically wounding her. Not too long after she was shot, doctors were pleasantly surprised at how quickly she started recovering shortly afterward. Since then, she was released from the hospital and and is currently recuperating at a rehab center in Houston.

Doctors announced another milestone in the treatment of the congresswoman. Doctors say she is currently able to sing some simple lines of famous songs and is able to speak on the phone. However, doctors are still cautious on the extent of recovery of Giffords. They have also not announced whether she would be able to make a full recovery yet.

Her astronaut husband, Mark Kelly, announced a few days ago that he will be going on a NASA mission despite the condition of his wife. He explained that the action was what Giffords would advise if she was capable to coherently speak to him. The congresswoman and 19 others were shot on January 8 when she was having a rally at Tucson, Ariz. The attack resulted in the death of six of the victims, which included a federal judge.

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