Dick Cheney: Being Called A ‘War Criminal’ Was A ‘Cheap Shot’

Written by Keith Roberts on Sep. 05, 2011

After former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell ripped Dick Cheney in an interview with CBS News last weekend, Powell’s former chief of staff, Lawrence Wilkerson, also took the opportunity to blast Cheney. Wilkerson attacked Cheney after the former the U.S. Vice President criticized many high-ranking officials within the Bush administration, including Powell, while promoting his new memoir.

Wilkerson told ABC News that he felt that Cheney was the “president for all practical purposes for the first term of the Bush administration” and that Cheney “fears being tried as a war criminal.”

Sunday on Fox News, the former VP dismissed the remarks by Wilkerson and called it a “cheap shot.”

“Well, that’s news to me,” Cheney said on Fox News Sunday when he was asked about his thoughts on Wilkerson’s comments. “I don’t pay a lot of attention to Mr. Wilkerson. I don’t know him. As far as I know, I never met the gentleman. I know he speaks out from time to time, and that strikes me as a cheap shot.”

Wilkerson, however, said that he has known Cheney for decades and noted that based on his latest media tour, he doesn’t recognize him anymore.

“I think he’s just trying to, one, assert himself so he’s not in some subsequent time period tried for war crimes and, second, so that he somehow vindicates himself because he feels like he needs vindication. That in itself tells you something about him,” Wilkerson said.

The former VP first started the line of verbal attacks after he claimed in his book that Powell took criticisms about Bush’s policies outside the administration, and also said that he took credit for Powell leaving the administration shortly after Bush’s first term.

In his memoir, Cheney defended the use of highly controversial interrogation techniques, such as waterboarding, to extract information from terror suspects shortly after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

“I was a staunch advocate of the … terrorist surveillance program and enhanced interrogation techniques out of the deep conviction on my part that we badly needed those to succeed in the war on terror,” Cheney said in his book.

  • Anonymous

    He is not a war criminal. He is sadistical war criminal (He likes to torture people in his basement) 

  • Wahoosmattamy

    He is not a war criminal if anything they were soft. We should have wiped out every living thing in the middle east. No man should have ever been on ground till after jets had wiped out everything. Then send in troops to gum down anything left breathing.

  • Skinsfanstull

    Cheney isn’t a war criminal.. he’s a terrorist. Just like the rest of the GOP. Which makes GOP supporters terrorist supporters. Every last one of them should be tried as such. Cheney should be water boarded until he gives up the details of the GOPs plan to destroy this country from the inside.

    • Here’s to Dick Cheney mendacious thief,
      But savage Greed aside,
      He could but Truly Noble think,
      That’s if the Mofo Died.

  • Zbet66

    He let the genie out of the bottle. Now other countries can use torture on US citizens and say that the US tortures too.
    He is a sick war criminal.

  • yellowmanfromNam

    Wow, “gum down anything left breathing.” Is that a torture technique? Do you stuff gum into people’s face until they can’t breath?

  • Chandranaraine

    The only thing wrong with this continuing Dick Cheyney saga is that this guy is getting too much media attention. One day soon we will wake up and realize that people like Cheyney are placed front and center only because the mass media thrives on creating sensationalism from nothingness. And this tabloid journalism (I used this word very loosely) will succeed as long as the public continues to empower them by our hunger for the diabolical and the dastardly deeds of men like Bush, Cheyney, Rumsfeld and their unapologetic arrogant attitude as they defend their lies. Do I smell a hollywood deal?

  • gabbo

    i hate cheney and the republicans !!! the GOP wants nothing more than to destroy our own country. i sure as hell will insist on Obama having a 2nd term ! Despite the republican war-mongers, our country does BETTER under a democratic society.. go to hell GOP !!!!

    • Weaponr82

      Hmmm..if you want to make this about religion lets look back at the 1000s of yrs.of torture and barbarism done in the name of christianity, to include slavery in the US on scale never seen, and mass execution of millions over centuries all over the world. Open your eyes, read a book and make a valid argument. as far as cheney goes he is the poster child for what is wrong with US sentiment and why weve lost our credibilty as a nation.

  • Anonymous

    “W” stands for war profiteer, wrong on almost all policies, and the worst President in my lifetime.  If the are not worried about being held accountable as war criminals then why don’t they take a world tour and see what happens??

  • Speiser56

    Cheney is a great American who stood up to Muslim cut-throat barbarians who murder and rape innocents in an orgy of religious hatred. Have you people forgotten 9/11? You think these Muslim scum haven’t been trying to kill more American men, women and children? There are Americans who would not be alive today if it wasn’t for Cheney. We’re in a war with Islam. Wake up America!!!

    • yellowmanfromNam

      Dick? is that you? you sure are good at this game. You are a great American alright, I give you that. A great American tragedy.

    • Dick Cheney Suck-up, Flagship U.S. Generals and Officers have declared that torture and randon detention without habeus at Gitmo and Abu Gharaib are the number one and two most powerful recruiting tools for Jihadism against America. 

      In other words pea brain, hundreds and thousands MORE Americans HAVE been murdered (and will be) thanks to this pernicious excuse for a human.

  • Finn Nielsen

    That was no “cheap shot”. It is a serious and well reasoned accusation.

  • Student

    speiser56: we know it’s you, Cheney, pretending to be a civilian. Please don’t post here on your behalf in the third-person. PS – you’re a war criminal and friend shooter. More Americans died in Iraq than in 9/11. That’s a negative rate of return you dummy!

  • Woodevan

    Just water board the Dick until he admits water boarding is torture -then send him to the ICC for trial. 

    • Doesn’t flotsam face have gills?

  • 2259-3756-20886a

    Torture is a valid exercise is information gathering. It has withstood the test of time and shown itself useful. In a fight the man who does not throw a punch losses. We need to quit being so damned worried about what’s right and start doing what’s necessary or we will lose out to those that will. That being said we also need to restructure our government into a government by the people for the people as it is plain as day that politicians care only for their pocketbook.

    • yellowmanfromNam

      Dick, is that you again. Come on man, pull your dick out of your ass. It’s just not impressive any more.

    • Sharma tissue called, you accidently wiped your brains and flushed.

  • Thresher

    Cheney is like a bad case of herpes that won’t go away.

    • idiot

      I was thinking testicular parasite, but herpes is very close.

      • It’s the Cheney-dromeda strain. From the Dick-galaxy Alien even to this world.

  • Joker69

    When is everyone going to wake up and realize that our very own goverment was behind 9/11 they planed they pulled it off and put the blame on somebody else our own goverment our senators our representatives and yes our own president our the true terrorist look at what they are doing to us now most are unemployed cant afford health insurance our parents cant even get the medical they need and deserve our veterans are getting shafted and our boys that are fighting niw they are trying to cut there pay and they are dyimg for us so wake up america wake up

    • After we too suffer dain bramage.

  • idiot

    Dick, are you responsible for importing Eurasians wild boars into the states for captive hunting?

    • Hopefully he’ll shoot himself in the face next time and save the boars.

  • Runninggoose

    well, one thing is for sure, if I have to go to war I’d sure rather go under Cheney than these sissified babies that don’t know what war is.

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  • Redchango

    I think I’m getting tired of the cliche phrase, “When is everyone going to wake up … ?”  That phrase is usually followed by some hare-brained conspiracy theory.