Details & Photos Of Tiger Wood’s New Girlfriend, Alyse Lahti Johnston

Written by Michael Lambarde on Mar. 21, 2011

As of late, sans the talk show circuit appearances, Tiger Woods has been out of the public view following the controversy surrounding him at the end of 2009 and the backlash that came with it. However, new details are coming forward that Woods has been in a relationship for a while with the 22-year-old Alyse Lahti Johnston. The blonde woman graduated from the University of Ohio and has strong connections to the world of sports.

PHOTOS: Alyse Lahti Jonston, Tiger Woods’ new girlfriend

Her father is also a sports figure, Jeff Lahti, who was a former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher. Her stepfather, Alistair Johnston, is also connected to the sports industry, who is an executive of IMG, the sports agency that represents Woods. In fact, he is the one that reportedly introduced the happy couple. Since then, she has been seen along with Woods in his yacht that became famous during his affair scandal.

His new girlfriend doesn’t come without a brush at the law, however. In October of last year, she was arrested for driving under he influence, but with the help of a high-profile attorney, the charges were reduced to a misdemeanor lane violation.

Click here to view photos her, including her mugshot from late last year.

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