Details On Why Vinny Left ‘Jersey Shore’ – Video Catches Him Leaving

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jul. 04, 2011

As we noted over the weekend, Vinny of Jersey Shore seems to have permanently left the powerhouse reality series. TMZ has acquired a fan video shot across the street from where DJ Pauly D, his co-star, was helping him load his bags into the cab heading to his family’s home in Staten Island. The shot at night video released is hard to see, but both reality stars could be seen once the video is zoomed in further.

As noted previously, Vinny left the house earlier this week after he apparently got into an altercation with another castmember and he left for a hotel in Seaside Heights for about a day before he was convinced by MTV producers to return to the show. Sources close to Vinny reveal that he is very “home sick” and “over worked” because the stars recently returned from taping season 4 in Italy and they immediately started concluding the season once reaching Seaside Heights and started the show’s fifth season soon after.

A source close to the reality television star told Us Magazine that Vinny recently saw his family shortly after returning from Italy and that “made him get a little homesick”. The source adds that he is already home at Staten Island. As far as a possible return to the series, anything is possible given the unpredictable nature of Jersey Shore, but the source adds that they don’t believe he will be returning any time soon.