Dennis Kucinich Sues Cafeteria For $150,000

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 27, 2011

Dennis Kucinich, a Democratic congressman of the state of Ohio, has recently sued a cafeteria and its service providers in Longworth House Office Building, as they breached their implied warranty and provided him with a sandwich that caused him severe dental injury in 2008. He has demanded $150,000 for the damage from the cafeteria.

Apparently, in 2008, he asked for a sandwich wrap that was supposed to contain pitted olives. After he took a bite he was shocked to find that the olives were not pitted and to make the matter worse it resulted to a permanent dental and oral injury. He also claimed that he had to undergo multiple “surgical and dental procedures”. The sandwich that he had, was the cause of further pain and “loss of enjoyment”. According to his reports, he could not “virtually detect the olive pits, and ate “unfit and unwholesome” food. District of Columbia Superior Court, where Dennis Kucinich approached with the case, said that the suit was filed on January 3 and the hearing will take place on April 8. The companies that he has sued are, Compass Group USA, which is the parent company of the food supplier, along with two other food supplying firms, namely Performance Food Group Co. and Foodbuy LLC. Besides that, he has also filed the case against Restaurant Associates and the operators of the cafeteria.

Restaurant Associates’ spokesperson, Gina Zimmer, confirmed that the company has received the lawsuit from the congressman and they are reviewing the matter. However, none of them commented on the lawsuit proceedings. Dennis Kucinich’s spokesman also refused to comment on the it and called it a “a private legal matter”. However, the news was confirmed by his lawyer, Andrew Young.

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