Daughter Of John Edwards Furious With Her Father

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jul. 30, 2011

John Edwards just can’t get a break. The former Presidential Candidate is now in a real-life family feud with his 29-year-old daughter Cate stemming from Edwards ordered by the Federal Election Commission to pay $2.3 million from his 2008 campaign. The problem now, however, is that his daughter Cate was relying on her father to help her pay for her upcoming wedding, the National Enquirer reports. An Enquirer source close to father and daughter stated, “Cate has stood by her father through thick and thin, but this time she just snapped.

She screamed at him, ‘You’ve ruined my wedding!'” The trouble for Edwards now, however, is that he spent a majority of the money that he had on hand on his former mistress, Rielle Hunter, whom has distanced herself from the politician. A source insists that Cate has had the back of her father through everything, including the death of her mother, him being unfaithful to her mother, as well as his recent scandal, but is fed up that he now has to pay the penalty, which stem from using illegal campaign funds to cover up his mistress as well as their secret love child.

“She broke down and sobbed, telling her father that he’s ruined the family name and her mother Elizabeth died heartbroken because of his affair,” a family friend told the Enquirer. “Cate unleashed years of pent-up anger, and John just took her tongue-lashing. There was nothing he could say to her.”