Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo Weds Candice Crawford – Wedding Details

Written by Michael Lambarde on May. 29, 2011

Memorial Day weekend is when a lot of couples tie the knot, and that doesn’t exclude celebrities either. Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo married Miss Missouri USA Candice Crawford, the sister of Chace Crawford, who he has been dating since the summer of 2009. Prior to marrying Crawford, Romo has dated Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson.

The two got married at the historic Arlington Hall mansion in Dallas, Texas. Jerry Jones, who owns the Dallas Cowboys, said that their wedding invitation was “one of the prettiest invitations I’ve ever seen” Before the wedding, Romo said, “It’s going to be a fun day. When you have the right one, you know.” An attendee at the wedding described the wedding and reception as being “perfect,” while the wedding planner stated that the menu included “lots of man food” such as short ribs and pizza because a lot of his teammates attended the ceremony, which was about 20 miles away from Cowboys Stadium.