Conservatives, Liberals Come To Defense Of Michele Bachmann’s Newsweek Cover

Written by Michael Lambarde on Aug. 10, 2011

A “crazy eyes” Newsweek cover photo of Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann has garnered a lot of criticism in the past few days, and has been condemned by many conservatives as well as some liberals. The photo, which many are calling “sexist”, features Bachmann starring off away from the camera and sporting some wrinkles and looking rather pale.

The headline of the magazine didn’t do itself any favors with the headline “Queen of Rage”, either.

Janice Crouse of Concerned Women for America, a conservative group, called the cover “outrageous”. “It is outrageous to label a woman being full of rage. They would never do that to a man. This is typical of the way they handle women leaders, particularly conservative women leaders. So, most of us have gotten used to that idea, but it’s not something we ought to condone or get used to.”

However, she also feels that Newsweek did it on purpose, not only because she’s a female, but because she is a conservative: “It’s very sad the way the national media is pillorying both Michele and other women leaders,” said Crouse. “They typically do this to conservatives, though. It’s amazing to me that they think they can get away with it. Anybody who looks at that picture knows it’s not representative of Michele Bachmann – it’s a caricature. The description of her is even worse, calling her the ‘Queen of Rage’.”

Colleen Holms of the Eagle Forum, another conservative-backed women’s organization, also weighed in, not necessarily calling the cover sexist, but saying that she was portrayed in a negative light because she is a conservative: “In general I don’t think they would’ve done it to a conservative politician. I don’t know that it’s necessarily sexist.” Holms said.

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It wasn’t all just conservatives blasting the cover, however. The President of the National Organization for Women (NOW), Terry O’Neill, felt that the cover was sexist. “In general I don’t think they would’ve done it to a conservative politician. I don’t know that it’s necessarily sexist. I’m glad that the National Organization for Women is defending her, but I think, in general, they wouldn’t have done it to a liberal politician, they might have done it to [a male conservative],” Holms said.

She added, “They are basically casting her as a nut job. The ‘Queen of Rage’ is something you apply to wrestlers or somebody who is crazy. They didn’t even do this to Howard Dean when he had his famous scream.”

At a campaign stop in Iowa shortly after the release of the magazine, she was asked if she had seen the magazine cover and she noted that she didn’t. When the magazine was described by a constituent, she replied, “Ah ha, we’ll have to take a look at that now.”

  • Guest

    But…she IS a nutjob.

  • frank burns

    The headline is wrong. They aren’t defending the cover.

  • Guest

    There’s nothing wrong with the picture. That’s just the caliber of photographers left at Newsweek.

  • Jefferson Madison

    One of my friends has been calling Michele Bachmann “crazy eyes” for well over a year – since the first time she saw her on TV. Michele Bachmann just has crazy eyes – so most photos are going to capture that.

  • Dslproductions

    There’s a reason Newsweek’s subscription service has collapsed.

    At least makes no pretensions of offering news

  • It’s fitting for a batshit crazy nutcase like this.

    • Xegolf

      hey dumba$$, u and the other libs need to pull ur heads out of ur rears… rome is burning and u want to keep throwing logs on the fire. what a dip$hit!

      • You can’t even use proper diction or grammar and you are calling someone else “dumba$$$”, lol.

        Thank you God for sending us all these Christians to laugh at.

      • LonesomeDove

        Rome is burning? Wait, wasn’t that a good thing?

  • Someone left the asylum door ajar — religious nutcases Perry, Palin and Bachmann are loose.

  • Nobody

    How is this an issue? Here is a woman that was at the front of the rage attacks on the health care reform process and ,y my she’s ,ore than a bit crazy, have these people read her bio?

  • BCA

    Proofread, for God’s sake. The headline has nothing to do with the content of the article, and you’ve committed some sloppy copy and paste errors. If you can’t be bothered to read your own stories twice, why should we read them once?

  • Stephen Cornelius

    The scary thing isn’t that nutters can look like nutters, it’s that most of the time they don’t, so I can’t help but sympathize with the magazine for printing an opportune photo that they believe shows the view behind the mask of sanity. The truth isn’t that they wouldn’t do this to a man, it’s that they wouldn’t do this to someone they thought was sane. Is she sane? Technically she probably is, but that doesn’t mean that all her opinions are based on a balanced objective view of reality.

  • Philosophyofbeer

    She really is crazy. She wants to turn this country into some sort of theocracy. And how can any women’s group support her as a role model for women as leaders anywhere when she openly admits women should be submissive to their husbands. She also notes that she chose her career because it is what her husband told her to do. How does this help women?

    • She is against the renaissance because she knows that is when they began separating church and state. This woman literally desires a return to the dark ages.

      • LonesomeDove

        That’s also when the world became round, can’t forget that!! She is most definitely of the old school, when the world was flat and we hunted dinosaurs.

        • Davest

          Someone told me a couple days ago that it was religion that realized that the earth revolved around the sun, and that scientists didn’t believe it. When I contradicted it, I was told that I was re-writing history. All you can do is shake your head.

  • LonesomeDove

    I thought it was a nice picture of Michele. I don’t know what the big deal is. She always looks like that, kinda creepy. Those eyes just turn me on, they are so.. creepy. I guess I just like her a lot, ’cause I love creepy things. I can imagine her doing some creepy things and I get all hot under the collar. She’s so, creepy….. mmmm, I like her.

  • Slvr351stang

    I never unstood you liberals. Government control, slander, and economic downfall doesn’t seem very American. Calling Bachman the” Queen of Rage” is like a dick on a pope. Its obvious liberals are idiots.

    • LonesomeDove

      I don’t recommend you try sticking a dick on a pope, it probably will backfire.

    • Guest

      We can thank the 3 wars and Bush tax cuts for economic downfall. And sure, too much government control is not a good thing but neither is too much corporate control which is what is causing Washington to melt down and what is causing our politicians to fill out their agendas before solving the problems of our country. Sending politicians in who are only worried about supporting big oil companies and such to office will not solve our problems when the middle class is poor with no spending power to get our economy back on track. It’s obvious conservatives are idiots.

  • Waldo

    I will not support anyone who supports discrimination against women. Michele fits that catagory.

  • cma cma

    Your title has it reversed. From NOW to Jon Stewart to the united conservative base–all have condemned Tina Brown’s sexist anti-Bachmann jihad. The overweening contempt for ordinary American voters dripping from the Team Obama media mouthpieces at Newsweek is patently obvious in their grotesque smear of Congresswoman Bachmann: “The elderly, the unemployed, the exasperated, and even a few disillusioned Democrats crowd her rallies and cheer her not-going-to-take-it-anymore shtick, even as they recognize some of its inherent contradictions.” Into Newsweek’s Demented Left echo chamber, no light from the real American political world of fly-over country penetrates. This is the Newsweek that stated in 1980 that “Fringe candidate Ronald Reagan has no chance of getting a elected.” This is the Newsweek that has lost 56% of its circulation over the last 10 years.
    “Bachmann planned to vote against the debt-ceiling compromise that would ensure the arrival of her Social Security check and the military benefits owed to her sons and nephews.”
    This last statement is an outright fabrication by Newsweek. The Wall St. Journal proved that Social Security payments of $50 billion/month could have been paid 100% out of the SS Trust fund with no net cash drawdown from the Treasury.

  • Guest

    Won’t even begin on the politics of Bachmann, but what I’m curious about is whether or not Janice Crouse actually thinks that a male wouldn’t be subject to a cover/headline like that. Complete and utter nonsense. It’s a magazine cover, and as long as you believe in some of the things that Bachmann believes in you ARE going to be subject to criticism and depicted in a negative light. Whether or not this cover is as terrible as it is being made out to be, it doesn’t change the fact that politicians and their need to be prepared to properly deal with negativity, especially in times such as these. Amazed this has become such an issue.

  • Guest

    If this was a if this was a cover of Obama shed in a negative light no one would be making a fuss about anything. Pathetic.