Conrad Murray’s Trial Defense: Michael Jackson Was A Drug Addict

Written by Jessica Smith on Aug. 30, 2011

The lawyers of Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, will allege that the pop star was a drug addict during the trial. On Monday, the Los Angeles times reported that the strategy of the defense team as outlined in paper filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court was the peg one of the reasons Jackson died was because he was an addict.

Murray, who was Jackson’s personal physician, will be on trial for the involuntary manslaughter of Jackson when he died in the summer of 2009. Reports suggest that he allegedly gave Jackson dangerous levels of sedatives and anesthesia in an effort for him to get sleep. Jury selection for the trial are expected to begin on September 8th.

The LA Times reports that the lawyers of Murray will call longtime friends of Jackson, medical professionals, and the nanny to his three children to take the stand and testify that the singer was a prescription drug user.

“We’re not interested in character assassination. If the prosecution would concede the Demerol addiction, it would greatly reduce the number of witnesses we need to call,” defense attorney Edward Chernoff said.

In addition, a judge has ruled that the witnesses called to the stand will not be allowed to discuss Jackson’s 2005 child molestation trial, which he was found not guilty of. Arnold Klein, Jackson’s dermatologist, will not be allowed to testify in the trial because the judge feels it will be a sideshow that will take away attention from Murray.

If convicted, Murray faces up to four years in prison. According to autopsy results, Jackson died from an overdose of powerful anesthetic propoful as well as two other sedatives. Murray was on the side of Jackson when he passed away on June 25, 2009.

  • Gjanieg123

    It does not matter if Micheal Jackson may have or have not been a drug addict. It does not excuse what happened as Micheal was under his care. I work for a health insurance company and know for a fact that a cardiologist is not licensed to be giving any kind of anesthesia to anyone in any place. Any doctor would know the risk involved and what could possible happen. It’s crazy to even understand how this dr is still practicing medicine??? And what What I don’t understand why this doctor is not being charged with 2nd degree murder?