Complete UFC 127: Penn vs Fitch PPV Results (2/26/11)

Written by Michael Lambarde on Feb. 27, 2011

Kyle Noke vs. Chris Camozzi

Round One: Camozzi comes out southpaw. A lot of kicks early by Camozzi. Noke respondes with a flurry of punches. Noke gets a takedown right into full mount. It looked like Noke was going for a mounted triangle but he over stepped and instead got the back when Camozzi tried spinning. Noke got the hooks in and then the rear naked choke, forcing Camozzi to tap out.

Result: Kyle Noke def. Chris Camozzi via Submission Round 1 (Rear Naked Choke)

Chris Lytle vs. Brian Ebersole

Round One: Ebersole comes out and throws a carthwheel kick that Lytle blocks. Lytle looking for his right hand. Lytle stuffs a takedown after landing the right. Ebersole goes for a takedown and Lytle grabs a guillotine. Ebersole has his arm in though and manages to escape. Lytle locks it back up and flips Ebersole over and not Lytle has half guard. Ebersole looking for a choke from the bottom. Ebersole tries to scramble up but Lytle grabs a guillotine and falls to guard. Ebersole escapes and Lytle gets to his feet. Lytle drops for a guillotine, Ebersole escapes, Lytle gets up and rolls for a kneebar but Ebersole escapes that and gets on top. Shoulder strikes by Ebersole and Lytle is cut under the eye. Ebersole gets up and does a quick lap a little before the round ends. Good round but a slight edge to Lytle as he was more active in all areas.

Round Two: Lytle keeps looking for his right hand but not quite finding a home for it. They trade big punches and then do some wacky hand gestures towards each other. Ebersole landing some good kicks and then moves away well. Lytle keeps looking for the right hook but Ebersole covers well. Takedown by Ebersole but Lytle right back up. Ebersole lands a nice knee that rocks Lytle. Ebersole goes for a d’arce choke but Lytle escapes. Ebersole on the back of Lytle. Lytle up but Ebersole has a plum clinch and lands a nice elbow. Big slam by Ebersole. Shoulder strikes by Ebersole as the round ends. Very good round for Ebersole.

Round Three: Ebersole tries the cartwheel kick again but nothing on it. Lytle with a nice flurry but again Ebersole covers well. Takedown by Ebersole. Lytle keeps working for the guillotine. Lytle turns Ebersole over with the guillotine. Ebersole turns and escapes though. Lytle still has a hold of the neck and Ebersole finally gets free. Lytle gets up but Ebersole controlling the clinch. They finally break. Both men very tired. Back in the clinch with Ebersole controlling. Ebersole loses his mouthpiece. The ref breaks them and Ebersole gets his mouthpiece back in. Body shots by Lytle. Ebersole gets a takedown after a failed kneebar by Lytle. Quick scramble and Lytle gets up but eats a kick as the round ends. Great fight. Ebersole did enough in the clinch to win the round but it was a pretty close round thanks to the submission attempts of Lytle.

Result: Brian Ebersole def. Chris Lytle via Unanimous Decision

George Sotiropoulos vs. Dennis Siver

Round One: Siver throwing kicks early but Sotiropoulos blocking and moving. Sotiropoulos looking for the right but missing. Sotiropoulos caught a kick and hand Siver hoping on one leg but couldn’t get him down. Siver clips Sotiropoulos with a left in the exchange. Sotiropoulos shoots but Siver throws him aside. Siver goes for the spin kick but misses. Quick exchange where both men connect. Quick left hook drops Sotiropoulos. Siver lets him back up and drops him with another left hook. Siver pounces and tries to finish. Sotiropoulos survives and Siver lets him up again. Sotiropoulos still wobbly as Siver continues to hunt with his hands. Sotiropoulos survives the round but he was in big trouble twice. Great round for Siver.

Round Two: Sotiropoulos looks recovered to start the round. Sotiropoulos really working the jab but it’s more pawing than damaging. Siver comes over the top with the right. Sotiropoulos trying for takedowns but Siver shrugs him away with ease every time. Sotiropoulos keeps working the jab while Siver is landing the stronger strikes. Sotiropoulos landing some good punches now. Sotiropoulos putting together nice combos now and looking quicker. The round ends and Siver lands a short head kick. Good round but Sotiropoulos was busier and turned it up at the end. Close round though.

Round Three: Siver opens up with a leg kick-head kick combo. Sotiropoulos still pumping the jab. Siver stuffs another takedown. Push kick to the head gets Sotiropoulos off balance. Sotiropoulos throwing good straight punches while Siver is loading up more. Sotiropoulos keeps going for takedowns as Siver kicks but Siver keeps avoiding them. Spinning back kick by Siver grazes Sotiropoulos. Siver lands a big right and continues to stuff the takedown. Siver landing a stiff jab now and good leg kicks. Spinning back kick by Siver as the round ends. Very close round but Siver stuffed every takedown and seemingly did more damage on the feet. Very good fight.

Result: Dennis Siver def. George Sotiropoulos via Unanimous Decision

Michael Bisping vs. Jorge Rivera

Round One: Rivera looking for the right early but Bisping moving well. Bisping gets the takedown but Rivera back up. Bisping grabbed the fence and Rivera gave him verbal hell for that. They trade right hands. Good right by Rivera and he stuffs the takedown. Bisping tries the takedown again and gets it. Bisping stands and lands some good punches. Rivera gets to his knees and Bisping catches him flush with an illegal knee. The ref immediately steps in. The doctors come in to check on Rivera. The ref asks Rivera if he can continue and he says yes. Bisping is deducted a point. Rivera still looking for the right. Bisping landing a nice jab and is the busier of the two. Another takedown by Bisping. Rivera up but eats some punches. The round ends and they trash talk on the way back to the corner. Good round for Bisping but he lost a point for the knee.

Round Two: Right hand by Rivera stumbles Bisping. Rivera charges at him but Bisping clinches and survives. Rivera stuffing the takedowns. Big right by Bisping. Rivera covers but Bisping keeps firing punches and then knees. Rivera very tired. Bisping keeps punching away and Rivera finally goes down. The ref stops it. Bisping gets in Rivera’s face after the fight and says, “Apologize. Go home loser.” He also spit in the direction of Rivera’s corner.

Result: Michael Bisping def. Jorge Rivera via TKO Round 2 (Strikes)

B.J. Penn vs. Jon Fitch

Round One: Penn comes out quick and looks for a takedown. Fitch stuffs it but Penn puts him against the cage. They trade short knees and Fitch turns things around. Fitch tries for a takedown but Penn stays upright and lands some short punches. Penn reverses things and gets the takedown. Penn gets the back of Fitch and locks on the body triangle. Penn loses the body triangle but has the hooks in. Penn looking for the choke. Fitch turns into the guard of Penn. Penn pushes away and gets up. Fitch right back on him. Fitch trying for the takedown but Penn blocks it as the round end. Close round but Penn got the takedown and had back control.

Round Two: Head kick by Fitch. Penn rushes in with a knee and Fitch uses that to get the takedown. Penn back up. Fitch doing some good dirty boxing. Fitch keeps breaking, punching, and then dropping a level. Penn cuts Fitch with a short elbow in the clinch. Penn turns the clinch around and Fitch reverses but they break. Penn gets another takedown. Penn gets the back as Fitch tries to stand. Fitch spins into guard again though. Fitch landing short punches and elbows. Penn gets up as the round ends. Another good round but Fitch took it with his clinch control and damage on the ground.

Round Three: Right by Fitch and then he gets the takedown. Penn pushes him off and gets up. Fitch right back on him and gets the back standing. Fitch drags him down and in guard. Elbows and punches by Fitch on top. Fitch is relentless with his strikes and Penn just trying to move. Fitch continues to just beat on Penn with short shots. Fitch continues to grind out Penn as the round ends. Dominant round for Fitch.

Result: Jon Fitch and BJ Penn fight to a Majority Draw

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