Complete UFC 126 PPV Results: Silva vs. Belfort Ends In One Kick!

Written by Michael Lambarde on Feb. 06, 2011

Chad Mendes vs. Michihiro Omigawa

Round One: Mendes having a lot of success with his right hand early. Omigawa started a nice counter left and then he stuffed a takedown from Mendes. Mendes started using more leg kicks and kept scoring with the right hand. Mendes landed a beautiful left hook followed by another right bu Omigawa showing a very solid chin. Omigawa stuffed the first three takedowns of Mendes but Mendes finally scored with a takedown with just under two minutes left in the round. Omigawa went for a straight armbar but Mendes was able to get out. Omigawa much busier off his back with short elbows. Mendes ended up just backing out and up and letting Omigawa stand. Round ended with nothing happening. Good round for both guys but Mendes landed his right hand and leg kicks plus scored a takedown, even though Omigawa did more work on the ground.

Round Two: Mendes buckled Omigawa with a right hand early, took him down, and then landed a big flurry of punches but Omigawa managed to survive and get guard. Mendes stood over him and landed some good shots but Omigawa got up after threatening with a leg lock. Things slowed down on the feet with Omigawa’s nose bloody but Mendes kept looking for the right hand. Omigawa showed some very impressive takedown defense but Mendes pressed him up against the cage and controlled him in the clinch for a short period. Mendes went back to the inside leg kicks. Omigawa landed a nice flurry and then stuffed another takedown. Mendes started mixing things up with a flying knee and a head kick but neither connected clean. After eating a right hand, Mendes landed a big takedown with 20 seconds remaining and then landed a big elbow as the round ended that cut Omigawa above the eye. Good round for Mendes, rocking Omigawa early and getting the big takedown late.


Round Three: Mendes again landed his right hand early but Omigawa hung in there and fired back. Omigawa really picked up his aggression in this round, stuffed some takedown, and landed some short flurries on the feet. Omigawa went for a guillotine but Mendes got out and ended up on top after a scramble. Mendes stayed active with punches but didn’t do anything fight stopping threatening and Omigawa did a nice job controlling the posture of Mendes and limiting the damage. Omigawa finally managed to get up with just under two minutes remaining. Omigawa kept pressing forward and landed some good punches but Mendes got a takedown with a minute remaining. Mendes landed a nice flurry at the end of the round. Good round for Mendes on the ground and he should take a unanimous decision.

Result: Chad Mendes def. Michihiro Omigawa via Unanimous Decision

Donald Cerrone vs. Paul Kelly

Round One: Kelly threw a right hand as Cerrone went to touch gloves. Cerrone got a takedown, Kelly grabbed a guillotine, but Cerrone got out. Cerrone mounted him but Kelly escaped and got up. Every time Cerrone hit Kelly, Kelly tapped where he got hit and then talked to Cerrone. Kelly landed a very good left hook a number of times. Cerrone landed some good leg kicks but Kelly constantly tagged him with with power hooks. Cerrone got a takedown with just over a minute left. Cerrone landed some nice elbows from half guard and one of them cut Kelly real bad next to his right eye. Good round of action but based on the takedown and elbows, the round goes to Cerrone.

Round Two: Some good exchanges on the feet early with both men landing good punches. Cerrone the more diverse striker though, landing knees and kicks while Kelly was all hands. Both fighters get their fair share of punches in but Kelly seemed to land the more damaging blows. Cerrone showing off a great chin. Cerrone got a takedown and got to half guard with just over two minutes left. Cerrone moved to mount, rained down some punches, forced Kelly to give up his back, locked on a body triangle, and continued to punch him. Cerrone eventually locked on the rear naked choke and forced Kelly to tap out.

Result: Donald Cerrone def. Paul Kelly via Submission Round 2 (Rear Naked Choke)

Miguel Torres vs. Antonio Banuelos

Round One: Torres looking to use his reach and jab at Banuelos. Banuelos trying to get inside but Torres moving away well. Torres keeps jabbing away and Banuelos coming up very short with his counters. Banuelos got a takedown off a leg kick but then let Torres up. Torres keeps jabbing and putting a straight right behind it as Banuelos struggles to amount any offense. Crowd boos as the round comes to a close. Not much action but Torres stuck to his game plan very well.

Round Two: Torres kept jabbing away as Banuelos continued to struggle with the reach. Torres started firing off a right straight but never connected clean with it. They had one good exchange where both landed a good punch but otherwise it was more jabbing from Torres. Banuelos tried to move in with punches but Torres just kept moving away and avoiding. Banuelos landed a nice hook at the end of the round but that was about all he landed the entire round. Another round for Torres thanks to his reach and the jab.

Round Three: Banuelos tried harder to get inside this round but Torres continued to just move away and jab. Crowd heavily booing this fight. Torres started throwing his straight right a bit more to go along with the jab. Banuelos again kept trying to counter but his punches were way short as Torres just moved away after throwing his jab. Banuelos getting very frustrated with getting hit by the jab. Big flurry by Banuelos to end the round but way too little and way too late. Another easy round for Torres and his jab.

Result: Miguel Torres def. Antonio Banuelos via Unanimous Decision

Jake Ellenberger vs. Carlos Eduardo Rocha

Round One: Ellenberger landed a left hook right off the bat and then went for a takedown but Rocha flipped him over. Ellenberger got up quickly though, controlled the clinch, and got a takedown into side control. Rocha was able to explode to his feet though. Rocha went for a takedown, got it, and ended up in side control. Rocha controlling on the ground but not striking at all. Rocha got the back as Ellenberger tried to scramble but Ellenberger escaped back to side control. Rocha moved to north south and tried to control the leg to set up a leg lock but Ellenberger exploded to his feet. Rocha threw a spinning back kick but slipped. Rocha went for a takedown late but Ellenberger sprawled out. Rocha grabbed an arm and flipped him with a kimura and almost finished it but just lost the position and couldn’t regain it as the round ended. Beautiful jiu-jitsu by Rocha and great control on the ground.


Round Two: Ellenberg stuffed a takedown landed some knees but Rocha blocked most of them. Rocha went for another takedown but Ellenberger again stuffed it and landed some punches. Very tentative striking from both guys but Rocha is throwing some hard kicks that are blocked. Ellenberger loading up on his right hand and it’s not there. Ellenberger landing some good lefts but they are few and far between. Rocha just missed with a flying knee. Ellenberger got a late takedown and Rocha went for a takedown but the round ended.

Round Three: Rocha landing some good leg kicks to start the round. After a wild swing by both men, Ellenberger was able to block a takedown attempt. Rocha kept throwing leg kicks as Ellenberger struggled to land anything. Ellenberger landed a good straight right as Rocha threw a kick, which is the most significant strike of the round. Ellenberger clinched and threw some knees before backing away. Ellenberger pushed Rocha down as he threw a head kick but then he let him up. Rocha kept throwing kicks but Ellenberger landed a right hand. Ellenberger got a takedown with just over 30 seconds left and landed some good short elbows. Ellenberger stood and threw a big right hand that missed as the round ended. Another semi-close round but Ellenberger should get the nod based on the takedowns and right hands.

Result: Jake Ellenberger def. Carlos Eduardo Rocha via Split Decision

Jon Jones vs. Ryan Bader

Round One: Jones went for a low takedown and got it but Bader grabbed a guillotine. Jones moved to side control though to escape the choke and then went to north south position. Jones tried to finish with a north south choke but couldn’t lock in in fully and Bader ended up escaping but Jones maintained position. Bader got to his feet and pulled away from Jones. Bader went for a far shot that Jones easily sprawled on and turned Bader over into half guard. As Bader turned into him, Jones jumped over him and got his back. Jones got Bader down but Bader turned into half guard. Jones landed some good elbows to the ribs as Bader turned into him. Jones on top as the round ended. Good round for Jones and great strength on top.

Round Two: Bader having trouble with the reach of Jones. Jones threw a jumping head kick but Bader blocked it. Jones went for a jumping elbow but Bader landed a good counter right. Both men swing and miss with heavy right hands. Jones doing well with leg kicks. Bader really looking for that right hand but just not connecting. Jones stuffed a takedown by Bader and then landed a right. Jones landed a body kick and then got a takedown. Jones looking for a d’arce choke as Bader turns into him. Jones switched to a guillotine, locked it up, and forced Bader to tap out.

Result: Jon Jones def. Ryan Bader via Submission Round 2 (Guillotine Choke)

Forrest Griffin vs. Rich Franklin

Round One: Griffin got an early takedown as Franklin threw a body kick. Franklin showing off a good defensive guard and Griffin tries to remain active on top. Griffin landing some good elbows but Franklin doing well to control the posture of Griffin for the most part with wrist control. Griffin just continued to wear on Franklin with elbows as Franklin tried to control him but wasn’t threatening off his back. Not the exciting first round we expected but a very good round for Griffin.

Round Two: Griffin landed a good right after Franklin missed. Franklin landing a good body kick but Griffin countering well. Griffin throwing very good leg kicks. Griffin caught a body kick, took the back, and dragged Franklin down. Griffin landed some good punches on the ground and got up but Griffin was still on his back and got him back down. Franklin got back up and separated though. They trade straight punches. Griffin really looking for the head kick. Griffin stumbled Franklin with a left hook but Franklin was up quickly. Both men landing some good punches but Griffin’s has more sting behind them. Franklin landing the body kick now. Head kick by Griffin as the round ended. Another good round for Griffin with his striking and ground work.

Round Three: Wild exchange with both men missing. Franklin keeps throwing a good body kick and then he stuffed a takedown. They ended up in a clinch and both men tried takedowns but couldn’t complete them. Both men landing some good kicks. Franklin keeps putting his right hook on Griffin but Griffin takes it and fires back. A lot of quick exchanges where neither man is landing clean. Griffin gets a big takedown with just over a minute remaining but Franklin got to his feet and put Griffin on his back. Griffin was up though and he got Franklin down. Franklin was right back up though and they broke away. Both men swinging and missing as the round ends. Close round but a slight edge to Griffin for the takedowns.

Result: Forrest Griffin def. Rich Franklin via Unanimous Decision


Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort

Round One: No action a minute in and the crowd boos. No action 2 minutes in. Vitor scored with a quick combo and Silva smiled. Vitor got a takedown off a head kick but Silva got up and landed a knee. Silva front kicked Belfort in the face that dropped Belfort then landed two punches on the ground to put Belfort out cold.

Result: Anderson Silva def. Vitor Belfort via KO Round 1 (Strikes)

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