Some Commercials For The Super Bowl Leaked (Videos)

Written by Michael Lambarde on Feb. 05, 2011

Tomorrow night, FOX will broadcast the highly anticipated annual Super Bowl, that may be the last time we see it air in two years due to the potential strike that may happen next season. With two clear days to the game, some companies have leaked their advertisements on YouTube. The leak is meant to offer viewers what to expect during the halftime break of the Super Bowl game.

Super Bowl Commercial Leak: Pepsi Max

The Super Bowl Commercial is a great part of the Super Bowl. Several companies invest million on what could probably be described as the most important period to advertise in the year. Advertisers pay huge sums to get the exposure during the Super Bowl. The opportunity is very vital because several millions will tune in to watch the game that day. That means it is not enough to just invest in the Super Bowl, it is only vital to invest in how the advert is seen.

Super Bowl Commercial Leak: Doritos

With several people sneaking in to take preview of the videos in YouTube, the Super Bowl Commercials create the necessary buzz that a company will need. It is interesting to note that it is not everyone that goes to the Super Bowl because of the football. As it has always been, the Super Bowl Commercials 2011 will have everything from the outrageous to the hilarious.

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