Christine O’Donnell Storms Off Piers Morgan Set (Video)

Written by Keith Roberts on Aug. 19, 2011

Christine O’Donnell’s book that she is promoting is called Troublemaker, and that is exactly many have called her since an incident unfolded Wednesday night on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight.

Taped hours before the actual broadcast aired, Piers Morgan, who took over for longtime timeslot veteran Larry King in January, told his Twitter followers “My first ever walk-out in 25 years of interviews. I guess viewers can decide if I was ‘rude’ or not tonight.”

During the actual incident, Morgan pressed the Tea Party favorite about gay-related issues, including gay marriage, but O’Donnell noted that the questions were nothing more than “irrelevant” and said she wanted to talk about her book, not her beliefs. “What relevance is that right now? Is there a piece of legislation?”

Morgan noted that it was a hot-button issued with current GOP candidate Michele Bachman taking a firm stance against gay marriage. O’Donnell fired back, “Because I don’t think it’s relevant, it’s not a topic that I choose to embrace, it’s not what I’m championing right now.”

Morgan was not done yet, however, as he then asked her what she thought of repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t tell. O’Donnell shook her head, looking away from the cameras and at her handlers, wondering what was going on.

“Why are you being so weird about this,” Morgan asked. O’Donnell, clearly done playing games said, “I’m not being weird, you’re being a little rude.”

O’Donnell then abruptly ended the interview, telling Morgan that she had a prior commitment that she was going to be running late to and wanted to go to. Morgan seemed confused, asking her if she was leaving mid-interview. She then had one of her handlers apparently block the camera before she asked if the camera was off her.

Morgan looked confused as production stopped airing split screen footage of both Morgan and O’Donnell and Morgan was the only person left in the picture. Morgan then plugged her book.

The host later appeared on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 to defend himself immediately after his broadcast went off the air. He noted that he felt that he was a “little bit cheeky” during the interview, but denied that he was rude to his guest.

“I thought I was being my normal, chivalrous British self, and then she took huge umbrage, declared I was being very rude, and walked out.” He added, “It looks like she has something to hide. Her views may be so extreme and contentious that it may cause her political damage.”

O’Donnell, likely not happy with the way she was portrayed on Morgan’s show, then shot a tweet at Morgan after the show, taking a low-blow shot at the CNN host and hinting that he may have had a role in the News Corp. hacking scandal in London. “I only agreed to go on the Piers Morgan Show because he promised not to hack my cell phone,” her tweet said.

Afterward, she sent him another tweet, “Piers, thanks for the invite. Schedule is already packed, maybe another night. No hard feelings, you cheeky bugger.”

  • Fuyt453

    This why I will not vote republican. She is afraid to take on a battle. She only wants to talk about the topics she wants to talk about. Hello !! It called an interview if you are to much of a coward to answer questions than you will never have my support.

    • You’re a goof. She isn’t running for anything. Pay attention.

      • Paul

        I think u missed Fuyt453’s point. She’s afraid to voice her opinion even when its painfully obvious she has one. I swear we should elect plans instead of people. I do agree that he’s a goof but that’s because in his mind democrats aren’t just as political.

  • Aly Mckenneh

    Chistine O’Donnell is an ass!

  • Justsaying

    Piers is a pompous Englishman and not a gentlemen at that.

  • Hichi

    Typical tea partier, my way or the highway

  • Bobs

    I’m definitely not a fan of hers or even a republican, but this guy was just being a dck. It’s a fair question to ask, but she has a right not to answer the question. She repeatedly says, “I don’t want to talk about that”. That’s it end of matter.

    • Michael G.

      Except it went to the heart of her book.

  • the funny thing is that the topic is talked about, by HER, in the book… that’s the purpose of the interviewer – to talk about the hot-button topics mentioned in the guests book… funny the way she ‘signed off’ too… no big deal though – it’s not like she’s relevant.

  • @Bobs – not really… the interviewer can still push respectfully to get answers to questions over and over – it’s up to the interviewee to be able to handle it. I don’t think there’s any hard and fast rule that says that it’s the end of the matter just cause a guest says so… that would just be silly in most interview situations.

    She could have been the bigger person and just kept laughing it off – turning it back on him. Instead she was at least as rude as she was claiming he was being, by just leaving like that, with such a flimsy excuse (at least her people should have come up with something better lol).

  • Mcg1434

    Obviously some don’t know how these interviews work. There is an agreement between the two parties about what will be discussed. She didn’t write a book about gay rights. She went on a hostile (for her) show to talk about her book. Morgan was trying to instigate her with a subject that she is on record being against. She handled it well considering it wasn’t live. His stupid little smirk says it all. He knew what he was doing. Most dems wont even go on a show that has different opinions. Charming, ha!

  • Oscar Wilde

    ‘Bugger’?? Doesn’t she understand what that word actually means? How ironic!