Chris Hansen Of ‘Dateline NBC’ Reportedly Cheating On His Wife

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jun. 30, 2011

NBC’s Chris Hansen, who made a living on catching child sex predators on Dateline NBC: To Catch a Predator, now seems to be in hot water himself, if reports by the National Enquirer are correct. According to reports, Hansen, 53, is cheating on his wife with a 30-year-old news anchor whom Hansen may have worked with in the past as she is also a reporter and anchor for NBC’s local affiliate in West Palm Beach, Florida named Kristyn Caddell.

The Enquirer reports that the affair has been going on for “months” and were recorded in a sting operation where Hansen and Caddell were reportedly arriving for dinner together at the Ritz-Carlton in Manalapan where they had a romantic dinner and then headed back to the apartment of the NBC anchor based in Florida. The tabloid states that Hansen was spotted leaving the apartment the next morning.

“Chris sends Kristyn flowers and tells her he loves her, but he still doesn’t seem all that motivated to leave his wife for her,” a source close to the couple said. “He’s telling her he loves his wife too, but they’ve grown apart over the years, and she’s not sure what he should do.” Hansen’s wife, Mary, lives in Connecticut with their two sons, and Hansen has reportedly been working in Florida as of late working on a investigation story on the disappearance of James “Jimmy T” Trindade. Hansen’s series that brought him to fame, To Catch a Predator, has been off the air since 2007 and he now works as a correspondent for Dateline and NBC News.