Chris Brown Will Be Allowed On ABC’s ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Written by Michael Lambarde on Mar. 22, 2011

This morning, Chris Brown causes quite the stir on ABC’s morning news program Good Morning America, after a live interview with Robin Roberts, where he allegedly screamed while he was on his way back to his locker room. He even apparently took a chair and threw it at the window, breaking it, according to ABC’s statement to TMZ.

However, the network is still sticking to their guns and will allow Brown to appear on the network’s number one rated program, Dancing with the Stars next week, has learned exclusively. Tom Bergeron, host of the hit reality series, announced quite a few times during the premiere on Monday night that Brown would be performing next Monday and Tuesday, but that was put in question when he trashed the network’s morning program on Tuesday, and even had a heated stare down with a producer of his segment.

According to our sources, Brown will still be allowed on Dancing because he won’t be interviewed and talking about Rhianna, but just singing songs from his latest album, FAME. Therefore, our source says that there shouldn’t be anything in particular that would tick him off to cause a scene backstage.