Chris Brown Cools Off Playing Basketball Following ‘GMA’, Will He Be Jailed?

Written by Michael Lambarde on Mar. 23, 2011

After Chris Brown’s rough morning on ABC’s Good Morning America, where he was so upset with journalist Robin Roberts asking the hard questions about his domestically abusing former beau Rihanna that he threw a chair at a window, that he ended his day hours later blowing off steam on a basketball court. Luckily, he did find a wife beater to put on instead of playing shirtless, like he did minutes after he stormed off the ABC studios set.

Brown, 21, was shown playing basketball in New York City on the West 4th courts following his spat in his dressing room. Although he was visibly upset with what happened live on the long-time ABC morning show, Robin Roberts noted a few hours later that she went over the Rihanna-related questions with Brown before they went on set and she asked him. However, instead of answering the questions addressed toward him, he decided to go a different route and link it to his new album, FAME.

RadarOnline reports that despite previous reports, he won’t be breaking his probation since ABC didn’t involve local police. Only if ABC pressed charges and the police were involved would he be jailed, but since none of that occurred, Brown should be fine. As we noted previously here on, Brown should be on the Dancing with the Stars set next Monday and Tuesday on ABC because he will just be singing songs from his new album, not talking about the Rihanna controversy.