Chicago Blackhawks Head Coach Joel Quenneville In The Hospital

Written by Michael Lambarde on Feb. 16, 2011

Joel Quenneville –who has been with the head coach for the Chicago Blackhawks for two and a half years, and also lead the team to a Stanley Cup win in 2010 — has been admitted in the hospital for “undisclosed health concerns.”He was rushed to the emergency room on Tuesday night after complaining of pains. Hospital officials confirmed that he has been admitted in the hospital.

They told reporters that Joel was rushed in the night earlier and had to be detained in the morning. They listed his condition as stable. A statement from the hospital said that, “He is currently in stable condition and is being treated for an undisclosed health concern today, not of cardiac nature. Further testing is ongoing and we will provide an update when possible.”

In his absence, assistant coach, Mike Haviland, would assume responsibility of the team as they prepare to meet the Minnesota Wild on Wednesday night. The team hopes to win the game for their sick coach.

Haviland admitted that he hasn’t talked to Joel after the hospitalization. He said the entire team was wishing for the speedy recovery of the coach and they wouldn’t want to do anything that will derail that. He said the players asked a lot of questions on Wednesday morning as they set out to train. Haviland is confident that the team would win their game against the Minnesota Wild.

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