Charlie Sheen’s ‘Sheen Korner’ Debuts, Has Its Bizarre Moments

Written by Timothy Ruth on Mar. 06, 2011

Over 100,000 viewers tuned into the premiere edition of Charlie Sheen’s new live “Variety” show on Ustream last night. After a roller coaster of a ride the past few weeks for Sheen, which started with Sheen bashing his Two and a Half Men boss — Chuck Loree — and ended with Sheen appearing on quite a few media outlets telling his side of the story.

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Sheen opened the show entitled “Sheen’s Korner” welcoming the thousands of viewers to the show, noting that he wants to give the viewers “a snapshot of what [they’ll] be seeing week-to-week and day-to-day”. Of course, the broadcast didn’t go without Sheen’s bizarre and repetitive behavior. At one point, Sheen asked his listeners to go to their windows and start chanting “Winnng! Winning! Winning!” The coined term by Sheen, which he used in most of his interviews, has gained major traction as of late as it has been regularly trending on Twitter as of late, not to mention used by both his fans as well as those that are criticizing his behavior.

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In addition to his new Ustream broadcast, which doesn’t have a set schedule yet, SiriusXM Radio has set him up with a limited-run 24 hour channel entitled “Tiger Blood,” another term coined by Sheen, for Sheen to go on the air when ever he feels the need to speak his voice. The popular satellite radio network says the channel was set up to examine the news, facts and media frenzy surrounding Sheen and the hit comedy series, “Two and a Half Men”.

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