Charlie Sheen’s ‘Men’ Character Reportedly Suffers Tragic Demise

Written by Jessica Smith on Aug. 06, 2011

Charlie Sheen will not be part of the upcoming season of Two and a Half Men, but just like the rest of us, he will be watching the premiere of the hit sitcom come September, but will likely be horrified by the way that Chuck Lorre, the executive producer and creator of the series, kills him off.

Sheen told TMZ that he plans on having a party in his home theater with a few of his friends on September 19th. “I will be watching my fake funeral, attended by my fake ex-girlfriends, from my very, very real movie theater, with my very real hotties in tow,” Sheen told the website.

During the season premiere, taped last night in Los Angeles, a source tells TMZ that Sheen’s character faced a rather brutal death when it was implied that he either fell or was pushed in front ot a Paris subway train. This comes after last season’s show ended with Sheen’s character, Charlie Harper, leaving for Paris to meet with his stalker beau, Rose.

Sheen was not at the taping obviously, but the story of Harper’s demise was told by Rose, who recounted that the two got married and then she found him with another woman shortly afterward. When they went to catch the subway a day after, Sheen “slipped” and he was blown away in what she called a “meat explosion”. The source added that it was implied that Rose had something to do with killing the character off.

While the tragic demise of Sheen’s character seems more than enough to get people to tune in, the premiere episode will reportedly feature celebrities such as Jenny McCarthy as well as a man who was at one point the leading man to take over the role for Sheen, John Stamos. Stamos will reportedly admit at the funeral that he took part in a three-way with Harper and a girl at the same time at one point. McCarthy will be one of Harper’s ex-flings.

Sheen’s departure from the series didn’t come without controversy earlier this year as he blasted Chuck Lorre as well as quite a few CBS executives. The sitcom was put on hiatus effective immediately for the remainder of the season and Sheen was fired from the series shortly afterward.

  • Whaumper

    Charlie was why the show was so funny. I guess, all good things come to an end!

  • Tonya

    NEWSFLASH: Two and a half men Reportedly Suffers Tragic Demise after hiring filthy, unshaven, unbathed ashton kutcher to lamely attempt to be funny for once in his life at the expense of the entire show, cast and crew of Charlie Sheen’s once great Television program. Charlie claimed it, kutcher killed it.

    I guarantee you that this is the very last year for this show and it will suffer the worst ratings in its entire history.

  • Veepgreen

    ashton kutcher…”Dude” are you Serious? This hack is teaming up with the other two that Sheen was carrying!

    • Edthornton1

      The writers are what made the show. Don’t know how they got away with some of the stuff but it was very funny. With the talent of the writers I predict the show will be a success.

      • BoZ

        You’re an idiot… The delivery that cheen gave was what gave the writers scripts their substance… Kutcher will kill it because he’s got no humouristic drawl.. He’s just drol and no writer can make him look better… Idiot.

        • Veepgreen

          Writers are writers. The actors are who deliver the essence of the script to the screen. Aston is a ONE dimensional character! BLAH.. Arrghh!! I agree with Ingrid..I will not even watch those commercials with him in them! Remote PLEASE!!

  • Tap500

    JUMP THE SHARK ALERT: Charlie Sheen was Two and a Half Men. While the rest of the cast was great too, the whole show revolved around Charlie Sheen. Without Sheen it may have a big premier, then people will watch a few more episodes before it implodes.

  • Ingrid Carter

    Agree with Tonya, Kutcher is only ‘famous’ for being with Demi-not his acting. I turn off whatever I see him in, including his camera commercials. He is in need of of real class. (some grooming would help too) Used to love seeing Demi-not any more-he tarnished her career as well just by being with her. If Mr Lorre must continue “Men” then just do it with the brother and the nephew-why taint the mix? I won’t be watching it with Krutcher in it, but would have if only Allan and Jake carried the show forward. Seems that the producers want to make the money but could careless about the fans. Charlie cannot be replaced, especially by AK-ugh!!!