Charlie Sheen’s Lawsuit Against Chuck Lorre, WB May Never Make It To Court

Written by Michael Lambarde on Mar. 18, 2011

Troubled actor of Two and a Half Men fame, Charlie Sheen, announced plans to sue the executive producer of the hit CBS sitcom series, Chuck Lorre, as well as Warner Brothers a few weeks back, but according to new details to those close to the case, it may never make it court.

However, Sheen may not get the day in court he craves after the private-resolution company Jams decided on Wednesday that Sheen’s grievances are a matter for third-party arbitration. Sheen’s lawyer, Marty Singer, is not happy with the decision, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “The subject matter of this dispute is not just Charlie and Chuck Lorre. Our lawsuit involves claims over the entire cast and crew, and there is no right to arbitrate with them.

“We still feel we will prevail because the facts and law are 100 percent in our favour. I can understand why Chuck Lorre wants to keep this in a secret tribunal. When the facts come out they will show that he and Warner Bros. had absolutely no basis to terminate my client.” Lorre’s lawyer, on the other hand, is happy with Jams call for arbitration, telling E! News, “Despite Mr. Sheen’s objections Jams made the correct decision.”

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