Charlie Sheen To Release Tell-All Book On “Two & A Half Men” Drama

Written by Michael Lambarde on Feb. 26, 2011

Troubled actor Charlie Sheen is currently shopping around a potential book that would be released soon about the backstage drama behind his hit CBS sitcom, Two and a Half Men. Sheen is looking for a publisher to release the book, with the bidding starting at a cool $10 million. The book would capatlize on all the negative press that is surrounding Sheen, which culiminated in a rant towards one of the Executive Producers of ‘Men’, which lead to the cancellation of ‘Men’ for the season, if just that.

Sheen promises to name names (including co-stars) and will put his own spin on the “good and the bad” events that occurred behind the scenes of America’s favorite sitcom. The tell-all title will be When the Laughter Stopped. Many of his faithful followers already know when the laughter stopped — it was when Sheen lost touch with reality.

This week was filled with non-stop radio show rants featuring Charlie sounding off about how he was wronged by CBS, Warner Bros. and Chuck Lorre. His last one turned out to be a guaranteed career killer. If he narrative is anything like what he has been spewing verbally – it should be a wild ride and a best seller. People gravitate to crazy — just for the shock value.

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