Charlie Sheen To Open Up On His ‘Two & A Half Men’ Boss On ’20/20′

Written by Michael Lambarde on Feb. 27, 2011

After Charlie Sheen’s public radio outburst that saw Charlie Sheen criticize his boss and Two and a Half Men creator, Chuck Lorre, ABC has snagged Sheen for an exclusive interview that will air this week. Sheen will open up about production of his show being shut down for the remainder of the season, his boss and more.

The interview is set to air this Tuesday night at 10PM EST on ABC. Andrea Canning will be conducting the interview. Sheen is also expected to appear on ABC’s Good Morning America as well sometime this week leading up to the interview on Tuesday night. Considering that ABC is a competitor to the network that airs Two and a Half Men, CBS can’t be happy with what ABC has done, but considering Sheen has been the major talker of the past few weeks, the special should generate good numbers for the network.

According to, Sheen recently underwent a drug test that he ended up passing after he was reportedly seen urinating in a cup, according to the person who was conducting the drug test. Photos of Sheen taking the drug test have since been leaked online as Sheen was seen proudly smirking.

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