Charlie Sheen Pitches TV Show Ideas To FOX Executives

Written by Michael Lambarde on Mar. 21, 2011

According to TMZ, along with Charlie Sheen making $7 million per month for his record-setting live tour across North America, he could also be heading to the FOX broadcasting network. According to TMZ, Sheen met with Mark Darnell this past Thursday, who is one of the presidents on one of the four major networks in the United States.

The meeting apparently went on for an hour where Sheen and executives for the network pitched different ideas that Sheen could possibly be involved in for the network or one of their many cable outlets. A late-night series was even pitched. If you recall, Conan O’Brien was in talks with FOX after his late-night fiasco. If Sheen agreed and the FOX affiliates gave the go-ahead, we could possibly be looking at Sheen taking on Conan O’Brien and other late-night giants, depending on what they come up with.

For what it’s worth, Sheen also apparently also met up with David Hill, who heads up FOX’s sports division. While we could see Sheen in a variety-type show similar to his webcast that aired earlier this month (that is hopefully better produced), we are unsure how he would fit in in the sports division, but Sheen is apparently talking to anyone that will listen about giving him a job, but for now, getting $7 million a month is not a bad start!

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