Charlie Sheen Isn’t The One That Is Tweeting On Twitter

Written by Michael Lambarde on Mar. 05, 2011

This week, Charlie Sheen made history on Twitter by becoming the person in the history of the website to gain as many followers as he did in the short amount of time he did. As of right now, Sheen has over 1.6 million followers. Both his critics and fans have been hanging on to his every word and clever new phrases he has come up, such as “tiger blood”, “Adonis DNA” and “winning”.

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However, it was revealed this week by Hollywood 411 that Charlie Sheen isn’t the one that is actually sending out the tweets, Sheen has someone doing it for him, who he dubs the “tweetmaster”. Dylan Howard, an executive for RadarOnline revealed that the millions of followers that Sheen currently has are being duped.

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“I’ll let you know a secret. He doesn’t actually do the tweets himself. He has a ‘tweet-master’ as he calls it,” Howard revealed to host Chris Harrison. He continued, “He calls this person on the traditional cell phone, or the house phone when I was there, and says the message that he wants out.” It was also leaked by Howard that who his tweetmaster is. His name is Bob Maron, and he is the one that sending the tweets all over Twitter that has received national headlines.

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