Charlie Sheen Drama: Goddess Bree Olson Has Enough, Leaves Home

Written by Michael Lambarde on Mar. 05, 2011

Bree Olson, who has been in the spotlight as of late for being Charlie Sheen’s one of two “godesses” has apparently had enough of Sheen and has packed her bags and left the “Sober Valley Lodge,” which Sheen is calling his home. Sheen took to his Twitter account and made the news public: “Update: Sober Valley Lodge; Rachel has left the building…., We’re sad…. Over it….Applications now being accepted! #winner“.

PHOTOS of Charlie Sheen and one of his “goddesses”, Natty

While it is not yet known why Olson decided to bolt from Sheen’s home after the major mainstream media attention that Sheen, his “goddesses” and his children have received over the past few weeks, speculation by those close to Sheen hint that all the attention got too much for her, and she wanted to leave the home.

PHOTOS: Charlie Sheen’s estranged wife Brooke Mueller takes his twins out following the police escorting them out of Sheen’s home

Right now, Sheen is left with one of his “goddesses” named Natty, and as noted by his Twitter account, looking for someone else to fill the empty bed that remains in his bedroom.

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