‘Caylee’s Law’ Likely Inspired By Casey Anthony Getting No Jail Time

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jul. 10, 2011

Coming off the heels of Casey Anthony being found not guilty of the three major counts of first degree murder, aggravated manslaughter, and aggravated child abuse, a woman named Michelle Crowder has started a petition on the website change.org in order to start what she calls “Caylee’s Law”. If it becomes a law, it would be a crime if parents failed to notify the police that their child is missing. Additionally, it would be a crime if a parent didn’t notify police within two hours of the death of a child. There is no word, however, if Crowder would have started the petition if Anthony was found guilty of one of the three major counts.

Anthony only received four misdemeanors for lying to the authorities — but received no punishment for not notifying police for 31 days that her daughter went missing. It was later revealed that her daughter Caylee didn’t go missing, but was dead for those 31 days. Anthony told police when she eventually reported to the police, by pushing from her mother, that she was doing her own private investigation.

In day one of the petition, 150,000 signatures were collected. Today, Crowder is about 7,000 short of reaching 1 million. The petition comes just after people that were following the case for over a month were outraged at the verdict that Anthony received. Many of those watching the case on television were convinced that Anthony would be guilty and, while not everyone thought she should receive the death penalty, many thought that she would at least be within the confines of a prison for at least double digit years — not be released just over a week after the trial concluded. Later, however, the jury revealed that although they didn’t think Anthony was innocent, there wasn’t enough damaging evidence and/or proof that she murdered her child, as the prosecution claimed.