Casey Anthony’s Parents: She Won’t Be Doing Probation At Our House

Written by Michael Lambarde on Aug. 13, 2011

Casey Anthony has been ordered to return to her hometown of Orlando, Florida to serve a one-year probation stemming from a check-fraud incident in 2008, but one place that Anthony will not be going is the home of her parents on Hopespring Drive.

According to the attorney of Cindy and George Anthony, Mark Lippman, not only will Anthony not be returning to her home where she lived prior to serving jail-time, but he claims that her parents do not currently know the whereabouts of their daughter.

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“They are really trying to move forward. They have been through a lot, and they’re figuring out their next step,” Lippman said about his clients.

Lipmann was asked if Anthony’s parents would take a call from their daughter if she called them. “That depends on a lot of things,” he said in a response. “I don’t think they’d know what they’d do until it happened. And their answers would probably be different. Cindy might, but George might not.”

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Although Anthony’s defense argued that it would be unsafe for Anthony to serve probation in Orlando where she remains overwhelmingly disliked, Judge Belvin Perry — who presided over Anthony’s murder trial — noted that although she would have to serve a year in Orlando, he wouldn’t release the address of where she decides to stay.

As part of the probation, she must allow her probation officer to visit her home or employment location on the fifth of every month, (2) she must not drink alcohol to the extent that “her normal faculties are impaired,” and (3) she must work a “lawful occupation and support any dependents to the best of [her] ability.”

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In addition, she has to pay $20 plus a 4% surcharge every month toward the supervision, not change her residence, employment, nor leave the county without getting consent, not have possession of a weapon without consent, and not have possession of marijuana or other controlled substances.

In 2010, Anthony was convicted of stealing a friend’s checkbook and forging a few checks totaling up to $400 and then spending it to buy clothing and groceries. Anthony needs to report to the Department of Corrections on or before August 26.

  • Bossleo63

    She was not found guilty. Leave her alone…leon

    • Momof4

      Not guilty does not me Innocent! She is a baby killer!!!!!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        Not Guilty DOES mean innocent! Read your dictionary!

        • Gbelanger

          “Not guilty” does not mean innocent.. It just means they (jury) didn’t believe there was enough evidence to charge her.. Look up after a jury acquitted her for the murder of her 2 ½ year old daughter, Caylee Anthony
          Acquitted does not mean innocent or not guilty..

          • My_nuts_hurt

            Dick face

        • Independent

          Not guilty is exactly what it says. NOT GUILTY. Leave it be. She’s been judged by a jury of her peers. Just because you don’t like the verdict doesn’t mean the system didn’t work. It did. You just don’t like the outcome

          • Seekpoo

            Not guilty means I like turtles.

          • Dreamofjeanie

            I watched the trial and could not understand from what was presented HOW 12 people came to that verdict. I don’t think it’s just that people ‘didn’t like’ the outcome…
            So who do you think killed Caylee? Someone clearly did and the evidence points to who????
            Bella Karma

          • dunno

            The reason, 12 jurors voted not guilty because they want to hurry up and go home, but too bad for them, mobs always threats them by mailing them. So all jurors ran away from homes.

        • Par0thed

          First of all, she was not found INNOCENT…she was found not guilty…there is a huge chasm between the two…There was not enough concrete evidence to convict her of the charges brought down by OCDA off….A majority of jurors that have spoken said they did not like having to come back with Not Guilty….

        • Tiadavis

          I think you all have missed the point. She was INNOCENT until proven guilty. She was not found guilty, hence she is innocent!

          • ravenmom1

            You are mistaken… go read the jury’s comment. At least the ones who were stupid or brave enough to speak. That should tell you something.

          • dunno

            Ahh, once again, if she innocent then how come, she tried to run away twice as an auto thief after got out of the prison? Do you ever think about that, huh? If she really innocent then why she run? If she was then there is no reason to run away in the car?

        • ravenmom1

          No it DOESN’T… even the 12 Pinnelas County idiots said that~~ Do your homework before you speak about what you know nothing of.

      • Doonbuggy

        It does in the eyes of the law.

        • Enki

          No it doesn’t, it means “not convicted” period

          • Tangelwood42

            I’d like to see her bare bum in a centerfold

          • Val

            yeah, with a hot poker stuck up it.

          • You must love babykillers, why would you want to see this MONSTER in the nude? Oh you’re probably a child abuser or killer yourself!!!!

          • ZALMANEKJ


        • Gbelanger

          It does not mean she is not guilty or innocent. ACQUITTED means they did not find enough evidence to find her guilty of murder.. or innocent..

          • dunno

            Once again, look at FBI’s, CIA’s, officer’s, everybodys’ statement then look at me. You read the newspaper of Casey’s case, then again, look at me. Research the evidences, then look at me. Yeah Jurors chosen her no guilty but sorry to blow your bubble, they did run away from their house, seem no where to be found. XD

        • GodLoves

          The Law…bwahhaahaa our laws dont mean crap. For real. there are people guilty of crazy crazy crimes that are walking the streets. Thank God there will be a “real” day of judgment for her…and that will be the day she dies…i wonder if shes smart enough to be scared? She wont be able to lie her way to heaven . Our God is a forgiving father though.

      • Olbamagrama

        Not Guilty means there was not enough concrete evidence to convict, it does NOT mean innocent

        • Maggie

          but there was enough evidence….and more coming out each day, Unfortunately the 12 village idiots couldn’t follow directions, hence the wrong verdict

    • BUTCH64


      • BUTCH64

        YOUR RIGHT

    • Just because she was found not guilty doesn’t mean she’s innocent!!!!

    • Peace

      Bossleo63 you must be related to Casey?

    • momof3

      Sorry, but she was found guilty of check fraud, by her own mouth !!!! That’s why she’s serving probation and that is fair, because she is no better than anybody else that pleads guilty !!!! As for the serious crime that was commited, the BIG MAN upstairs has the last say and who do you think he’s going to pick : HIS CHILD THAT HE BLESSED casey WITH OR casey ( satan in disguise), that took that blessing and threw it in a swamp !!!!

    • ravenmom1

      Never… ever… I live in the USA and it is my contitutional right to speak my opinion.. and I will forever.

    • Lillybean48

      Not Guilty does not mean INNOCENT!

    • Zitraaa

      She may not guilty, however as long, evidences still visible then they cannot be ignored and we know the true. FBI, CIA, police officers and everyone in horrible case already testified against her while she made a statement to blame everyone she know or not know.

  • MJ

    well said that man…..

    lets forget all aboutl ittle Caylee

    • Dicklick

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      • Cunt_eater

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        • Ass_eaters_anonymous

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      • That’s because you’re a piece of shit…..I’d bet you would have helped her commit this crime to if she were to have ask you, wouldn’t you?

        • Troll4u

          I know I would. Id kill her child if I could sleep with her

          • Shows what a monster you are, let’s see how you feel when you’re in hell burning you sick excuse for a human being. People like you are what makes the world such a bad place to live. You saying that about Caylee and saying you would have helped kill her if you could sleep with Casey, I don’t know you but I hope you’ll one day pay for those words, hell you’re probably a child killer, hater, and molester. People like you aren’t worth the dirt on the ground.

          • kill casey

            i like ur comment but where that killer is going to pay is here. a silent snipper will blow her head off
            and this person may our day!!

          • Tina

            A desperate troll..You’d probably have to kill to get a piece of a**.. Your parents must be really proud of you..NOT!!!!!

  • MJ

    well said that man…..

    lets forget all aboutl ittle Caylee

  • Deniswittman

    I think she should do a hustler spread and then she will have enough money for the years probation. or perhaps she can sell lottery tickets with her as the prize – kinda like make a wish. What else is she worth living for?

    • Ed


    • A piece of trash like Casey Anthony doesn’t deserve to be free, she needs to rot in jail and then in HELL….

      • Dgeorge148

        Fannie, love your comments. Why is NOONE talking about Dual Soveringtry Doctrine?? She CAN be retried by the Feds. Look it up and lets get it Out There!!! The bitch needs to DIE…

  • Casstevensclyde

    I would love to see a hurricane come to florida so strong there would not one thing be alive when it over.and I could make this would be with in the next 24 hour thats what that place needs ,it so corrupt and has no need to still exest on far as I am would wake american,maybe.nothing good can ever come out of that state…

    • Getherouttafl

      Wow ! As a Floridian, I was kind of hoping a tornado would wipe out all the people whose posts don’t make any sense.

      • Cocobecca

        i live in kansas but still like your comment:)

    • Ardiva

      I agree.

      • Tina

        wow.. how many members are there exactly in this Casey “babykiller” Anthony fanclub?

    • KarmasGonnaGetYou

      Okay, you should keep your stupid mouth shut! No one cares if you like Florida, personally I love that state! No one like a no good jack a** like yourself!

    • hrc

      Well I live here and I would rather that not happen. What an idiotic comment.!!

    • Par0thed

      Gee thanks…what about all the truly innocent people living here…idiot!

    • Floridian

      You’re sick for saying that. You’re no better than crazy casey.

    • JUDYBUG61


    • Tina

      Well now Casstevensclyde, There’s some good thinking..Kill hundreds of thousands of more innocent children.. What, is it better they die in a natural disaster than by the hands of their own mother?? What a dipshit..Hope your not a parent..

  • Anonymous

    I would pay 1 million Euro, so that I could beat her silly with a wiffle ball bat.

    • a fighter for justice for all

      It shows that you completely miss the point here.

      It is an outrage how the court system is harassing Casey Anthony, relentless. They are the ones who botched the case. It was not a victory for the defense but a loss for the DA’s office. Learn to live with it, she got acquitted, leave her alone! If she killed her child or not ios not the issue here, not anymore. The issue is that the DA’s office and the Florida court system are sour losers and will do everything to harass her, same for that bitch on tv.

      • You are a pathetic person, this bitch killed her daughter and there was no justice for that little girl. There will be no closure until this pathetic excuse for a human being Casey Anthony has her day with fate. And I love Nancy Grace, she stands for justice. I put people like you in class with Casey Anthony.

        • Therays

          Moron. Worried about Casey, are ya? What about the two year old who spent God knows how many nights in a trunk. You should work on coming to terms with the Casey hate….its not going anywhere.

        • Anton12

          how do you know that because nancy grace says so. what solid proof do you have that puts her at the scene of the crime

        • Haha

          The fact of the matter here is NOT your speculations. Casey Anthony went on trial, the state had countless moments to prove her guilt, and they didn’t. THAT is the fact of the matter. You people don’t know her nor her family, nor have you met the child in question. Therefore you have no factual evidence (much like the state lacked) that anything did or didn’t happen. It’s hilarious to me that everyone just sits back and points their fingers. Yet, if you knew anything of judicial law, you would have called the verdict before it had been exposed. The state only proved that there was a body. Everything else was a case of “maybes” and “possiblys”. I think every last one of you has a crap attitude and you know nothing about what you’re talking about. Go read a law book. As for Baez, he did his job. He’s a defense attorney. That’s what he does for a living. You people are obsessed with this case like it matters to you. If that were true, you’d be in objection of every child murder case. Don’t be mad at me, be mad at the state. They didn’t prove her guilt. Now it’s time to obsess over something else.

          • and that IS A SAD DAY when you have ANY attorney use lies and deceit to win a case. you need to go read a book of ethical behavior as an attorney. HE DID NOT do his job. he LIED,LIED,LIED and LIED some more.and as far as the prosecution they connected the dots for thousands. the BOZO TEAM just got lucky with the 12 DUMBEST people in florida. we WILL NOT STOP for a VERY FEW individuals who say to move on. this should have happened a long time ago. how many people do you know that murdered a child, and had people lie under oath [so the murderer goes free] that were suppose to protect that child and love that child only to use that dead childs name to make BLOOD MONEY. i know NONE.

          • Haha

            Oh really, who was paid and who are you?? I’m stating facts of the case..not opinion..neither of you must know the meaning. Silly silly you’re as dumb as the jury, in your opinion.

          • Haha

            Your opinion is biased because you watch tv. You don’t know of any factual lies, cause if you did, whos your source I ask

          • Jupiters Mother

            People will eventually come to terms with the outcome of this trial in their own time and in their own individual way and your opinion on the matter will likely influence no one. Our indignation is righteous; we are entitled to our feelings. You go on and obsess over something else or not but we are not obliged to obsess about anything else just because you think we should. Mind your business.

          • Haha

            The level of maturity astounds me. Mind my business like you mind yours.

      • Bovvergirl

        She is ordered to serve probation on the several counts of check fraud she was convicted of. I don’t know how in you books that equals harrassment. Casey and Baezbare the sore losers here, because of the stupidity of the jurors she skated on the most serious charges but then they have the nerve to try and appeal her convictions on the 4 counts of lying to law enforement and now they afre trying to fight the probation she was now 3 times ordered to serve.

      • Shannietn865

        Please learn how to spell correctly and use proper grammar. It is relentlessly not relentless and sore losers not sour losers you uneducated idiot. It is a free country and the public can treat Casey Anthony anyway they choose to considering she is a theif, liar, and a baby killer to top it all off. So go support Casey somewhere else and try taking an English class.

        • MonicaNC2010

          Unfortunately, your spelling is not any better… ie. anyway should be any way and thief is spelled incorrectly. Get off your high horse and go back to spelling 101!

        • Dfggfgj

          it’s thief, not theif ;)

        • Midnightshuman

          it’s thief : )

        • Kb142814

          If you’re jumping on people about their grammar and spelling, you might want to make sure yours is correct. It’s THIEF not theif, and any way, not anyway. LOL. Loser.

      • Nengfrncsc

        i agree..this is politics…must change law system in Florida. justice for all..

      • Kay

        Sometimes I wonder if all of these casey defenders who have cropped online since her release are not Casey herself, savagely scouring the internet trying to make it look like she has more supporters than she actually in reality does. lol

        Please. The courts did nothing wrong here. The judge declared in open court that she serve her probation AFTER release. A scrivener made a typo and Anthony’s slimey attorney KNEW what the judge’s intent was and chose to not alert the probation department to the error. Casey Anthony should be treated like every other defendant. She stole the checks, she committed a felony and she should serve her sentence as dictated by the judge, PERIOD, regardless of her acquittal.

        • ravenmom1

          Regardless, the overwhelming percentage of people are NOT Casey supporters…. She is more than likely looking all over just to see what everyone is saying about her… that’s how she rolls. She totally disgusts me!

          • Imloved14367

            Well thank you!!!! Can we just say a prayer for kaylee and stop giving tot mom Baby killer the satisfaction of people writing about her!!!!!! She is enjoying the attention! !!!!! Fuck her!!!!!!

      • Amanda

        You are stupid!!! I pray you have NO children..if you do, God help them!

      • ravenmom1

        She needs to serve probation just like every other criminal! Personally, I KNOW that Karma will come knocking at her door sooner or later. I cannot wait!!! It will be a very happy day for me. And don’t even get me started about Baez… he was as unethical as they come and I hope his day comes too. Hope he gets disbarred~~

      • karia

        this was a fake trial. corrupt all the defenses team!

      • renae luginbuhl

        wow did you really follow this case??? if so you would not be saying what you just did. We have been following from the beginning it is a shame that you can say Casey is being harassed give me a break look at all the people in her life she has caused great pain and does not blink an eye she just laughs like its some sick game….and your daughter is SO CALLED MISSING FOR 31 DAYS give me a break you can say poor Casey what about Calyee?? answer that for me? mr. or mrs. a fighter for jutice for all….hmmmmmmmmmmm justice WAS NOT SERVED HERE….would love you to get back at me and thanks you Fannie Mary Lane i could not agree with you more Renae from CT

      • Amanda

        It was not a victory for the defense nor a loss to the DA’s office. It was a victory for justice. The prosecution were HOPING to convict her of Murder 1, just HOPING. They filled a truckload of irrelevant, inconsistent, incoherent, unconvincing, and contradictory pieces of evidence just to overwhelm and deceive the jury and make them believe that the cheer volume of their garbage evidence could be enough to convict her. They were HOPING to win, not hoping to find the truth. This is a very dangerous and irresponsible justice system. The jury didn’t fall for that.

        • Amanda

          Sorry for my spelling error. “…the cheer volume…” should read “…the sheer volume…”

        • Anonymous

          Well, not exactly they trying to, because Casey did lied, cheated, adultery, murdered, smiled like as sinner. Jury didn’t fall for that? Actually they did made big mistakes for chosen her not guilty because they ignored the evidences, plus they didn’t seen that coming the threats of angry mobs.

      • hooper666

        Her attorneys are still fighting this order to return to FL. It would put her at great peril since so many people have stated that they want to hurt her. I think she needs to be in protective custody and who the heck would hire her.If that is part of her probation then they have intentionally set the bar a bit too high. She can’t just go work at Walmart can she?

    • I’d like to drown her in a swimming pool filled with my piss.

    • Amanda P

      this so funny! Actually, I would too!

  • Philly Joe

    She not guilty?? What planet are you on?? Did you not see the photos where she was partying like a slut literally days after her daughters disappearance…?? I mean really!, I don’t know of any parents who would party while their Kid is missing… Lol. Some people are so dumb and gullible that’s why we are where we are.. In a trillion national dept that will lead us to a recession/depression thanks OBAMA. RON PAUL 2012!!

    • Gbelanger

      wondered how long before politics were to blame on this one….

    • Troll4u

      I find it funny how its ALL obamas fault… not Bush. Mind you obama may not of fixed it. However Bush is the one that put us here to begin with. I do like Ron Pauls plan however.

    • Dreamofjeanie

      Well…actually…President Obama inherited the debt and the recession…HE didn’t make it happen in this short of a time…How he got in this conversation is beyond me…BUT …there was so much evidence against Crazee Anthony that not guilty on ALL counts was shocking…I believe she will never really be free or happy….even.

      • Guest

        No.. he just made a crappy economy EVEN worse!! I am no Bush fan either but Obama is in so way over his head.

  • hrc

    She was found NOT GUILTY. What can’t you understand about that? That means she she is innocent of the crime. Go look it up.
    Leave the poor women alone and let her get on with her life.
    I am disgusted at some of the mean comments that show up regarding this women. We are suppose to be a nation of laws and hopefully compassion.

    • Anonymous

      Not guilty is NOT the same as innocent. Why don’t you understand that?

      • firstlady

        you nasty ass men make me sick if you are even Real Men a little girl is dead and all you can do is think with those little wee wees you have for brains, what a rotten shame. I hope if you see her nude your damn dicks fall off you are sick in both heads!! But as for Casey, she will never be forgiven or fogotten and I HOPE some one with some balls in Orlando takes the bitch for a ride in their trunk and then they can throw her skank ass in my backwoods and I’ll hide her for 6 months and say hey “it wasn’t me, it was my DADDY bunch of dumb ass got no brains idiots!!

        • Val

          take it easy, Jake is in agreement with you

    • geneva 11 black

      the prosicution made a fool of the justice system by trying an unprovable charge. so vengence is the public outcry. because this menace ,to proper prosicution, wanted to use tthe public for an electric chair when he most certianally knew no evidence to convict was his dirty little secret

    • LawyerSlugg

      As defined by the dictionary of legal terms:

      Not Guilty = “A plea entered by a defendant in a criminal case. Often erroneously confused with a claim of innocence, technically a plea of not guilty simply compels the prosecution to prove every element of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt. When the jury (or a judge sitting without a jury) acquits a defendant after trial, they return a verdict of “not guilty,” which indicates their conclusion that the prosecution did not meet its burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.”

      In other words, “Not Guilty” & “Innocent” are definitely not synonymous.

      • Peace

        This is about the most intelligent comment on here:) Thank you LawyerSlugg!!

    • Floridian

      Dear hrc,
      It is woman not women. Women means more than one. Woman means one.

    • Darkwitch27

      I soo agree with you hrc…

  • Jesseburkboy

    She almost got away with murder

    • Gbelanger


  • geneva11black

    this has gotten really old. really really old.

    • Sue T

      I agree!

  • Ed

    Wonder when she’ll be takin’ it all off for money?
    I’d look at her nude bod. But I wouldn’t pay money.

    • Only a sick bastard would want to look at a baby killers nude body, I’ll bet you’ll jerk off looking at her nude pic to huh?

      • Peace

        Now, Now Fannie, settle down. No need to get so upset.

        • Dreamofjeanie

          Fannie…it’s just what they wnat…IGNORE stupidity…
          They don’t matter…Their comments don’t matter…Caylee matters…and how or why these adults can make a mockery of this childs’ circumstances and death just shows how sad and sick they are!! IGNORE..

  • Independent

    What a friggiin’ disfunctional family

  • Jackjenkins12

    Why don’t everyone leave the women along. She served three years in solitary confinement then went six weeks being crucified by the public. She had her day in court. I watched all this on the Fox network, the only people they have with any sense is Hannity and Rivera. I hate to think that if I were tried for any reason I would have to go through what this poor women went through. after seeing and hearing everything that I did all the comments by the press and the public, I would have voted her not guilty just to spite all you haters Jesus would say let those among you who are without sin cast the first stone.

    • Us “haters” didn’t kill a toddler.

    • Janetv40

      @Jackjenkins12: As far as leaving her alone, that is fine w/me. This person failed to report her child missing for 31 days while she partied..and yes she will have a day of reckoning if she indeed did this dastardly and horrific deed! Poor woman my big toe; she brought it all on herself! Open your eyes!!

    • You’re a poor excuse of a human being just like Casey Anthony, what about her innocent daughter out in the elements with maggots and animals eating her little body. You speak of Jesus, I’m sure God will cast this bitch Casey into hell where the trash needs to burn forever.

    • Rebeccasmith92892

      Your first issue you think slimeball Rivera has any sense. She spent 3 years in prison in solitary confinement while her own daughter laid in a swamp for months while her own mother did nothing to help in the search but lie. Failure to report your child missing for 31 days and then lying about it you would deserve the same treatment as your “Poor Women” ( I think you meant woman, I think most people would refer to her as a Monster). Your last comment ” I would have voted her not guilty just to spite” that statment alone shows just how intelligent you really are. By the way, Not Guilty does not mean she’s innocent I’m sure Rivera didn’t share that piece of information to his so called intelligent followers.

      • Val

        it would’ve been 31 years if it hadn’t been for Casey’s parents.

    • Princess

      It is better to hang a rock around her neck and drown her then for the punishments she will have for offending a little one. If my only child died accident or not I would want the death penalty so I would not have to kill myself to be with her again. Normal mothers would do anything for there baby, not hurt them or allow their baby to be thrown away if it was an accident. It doesn’t make sense. Very sad! :(

    • Dreamofjeanie

      JESUS or anyone would not say that to anyone who murdered a child…You should watch a different channel …Bella Karma

    • ravenmom1

      Hmmm… the fact that you say you like Rivera tells me everything I need to know~ Holy Cow!!

    • Lillybean48

      and whose choice was it that she was in Protective Custody? Her’s!!!

    • Darkwitch27

      Well said…

  • a fighter for justice for all

    It is an outrage how the court system is harassing Casey Anthony, relentless. They are the ones who botched the case. It was not a victory for the defense but a loss for the DA’s office. Learn to live with it, she got acquitted, leave her alone! If she killed her child or not ios not the issue here, not anymore. The issue is that the DA’s office and the Florida court system are sour losers and will do everything to harass her, same for that bitch on tv.

  • Patience jacques

    The jury in this case made a big mistake after the verdict was read. The leader of the jury spoke for all jury in this case, to inform everyone that they all agree that they would not explained their verdict unless they were being paid. This statement which was release to the media by the leader,clearly indicate that they were trying to benefit off of their verdict, which could mean a mistrial. IF they were planing to benefit this would be the correct way of doing it. If they wre making the right verdict for this trial then nobody would of care, about their vedict and the jury would of became unnotice.You can offer a jury money and they can accept, but to demand it is unacceptable.

  • Ancientqueen43

    A muderer is running free, because of a jury that (just wanted to go home!) Like Momof4 said not quilty does not mean innocent. She makes me sick to my stomach. Why didn’t she get some time for wrongfull disposal of a dead body??!!

    • Emilie Louise Ille

      Don’t forget one of the jurors went on a cruise the day after the verdict came in!

      • freckleface

        to bad the boat didn’t sink. LOL.

    • dunno

      If it make you happy that Jurors already left their house and went hidden from angry mobs. XD

  • Mrs.C

    I live in Orlando, Orange county in fact. Not excited about having her back near my home. Are those of you who defend her willing to have her live near you? I have children to protect. I believe she murdered her daughter, no matter your oppinion on her guilt or innocence she certainly acted odd during her trial and I don’t like that she will be here!

  • Mknghorn

    your opinions are all retarded. i hope you and yours get an extremely painful form of genital cancer and it takes a long time to can all fornicate your mothers.i mean it. go fornicate your mothers

    • You’re just a psychopath like your idol Casey Anthony, maybe when she goes to hell, you’ll be there right beside her, gnashing at each others bodies. Caylee will be in Heaven walking on the streets of gold and gates of pearl. Caylee has her wings and in God’s hands.

    • Dreamofjeanie

      Now that is an intelligent comment. I hope you all pay attention to how wise Mknghorn is and how much attention ‘it’ needs…Poor thing…This is really attention getting and I hope you feel better.

  • devada

    I think Casey brought the guilty look upon herself. The public didnt do it to her, she just gave them a reason. THere is a little chid invovled here. It like Casey has become a queen, while justice goes undone. Anybody with common sense , could tell she was guilty. you dont take an accident and make murder out of it, especially if you know you could get the death row. come on for god sake, surley the jury knew that. The defense did not prove anything, so how could have the verdit come down not guilty.Casey laughed and giggled all through the trail, because she knew her lying was taking her for a journey with the jury. They didnt want to convict her, they knew with out a shout of adubt she was guilty. They was brainwashed at the last hour, that is what happened. They really regret their decision, for at least for half of them. They were tired, they knew if they found her guilty they would be in court for another week, their verdict got them out of the court room and back home faster. If it had been their Grandchild, they would stay there for another month to come. They suppose speak for Caylee , this is how they spoke for her while she lays deceased. Good job they need them be on all murder cases, would’nt the world be in trouble.

  • schweet

    (2) she must not drink alcohol to the extent that “her normal faculties are impaired,” and (3) she must work a “lawful occupation and support any dependents to the best of [her] ability.”

    violate much?

  • Haters Get a Life

    It’s time to move on with your life, all you Casey Anthony haters. Maybe you should be paying attention to your own affairs, rather than sticking your noise into business that’s not yours and never will be.

    • Dreamofjeanie

      People are are STILL thinking about this would do good by helping others in Caylees’ name…WE can do nothing to change the verdict just go on and remember the child and think of her…Crazee Anthony will never really have happiness…

    • Swamp Thing

      Ahhh… that’s the beauty of the Constitution… it gives you the right to be publicly stupid~~~

  • People hate Casey “The liar” Anthony because she killed her daughter, lied tons of times, wouldn’t report where Caylee’s body was, got out and partied, and destroyed her family. There will be no closure because there was no justice for Caylee, this little girl didn’t get to grow up to go to school, to college, meet a guy, get married, have her own children, and have grandchildren because her MONSTER mother took her life. Back in the early 1900’s, she would have been jerked out of jail and there would have been justice for Caylee, Casey would have been lynched from the tallest tree. People who care for the innocent can’t cope with knowing the law has allowed a killer to walk. Laws should change where there are jurors who let killers walk the streets. I wonder if any of these jurors would let Casey stay in their homes around their children unsupervised for hours? Casey will never have any piece. The only people who take the side of Casey Anthony are those who have probably been killers, child molesters, or abusers themselves and they are the only people who can stand up for dirt like Casey. Personally, if I had Casey in jug, I wouldn’t give her air.

    • Dreamofjeanie

      Or really stupid…Fannie…
      How anyone can make sexual comments about Ms Crazzee Anthony is just insanity or made my complete idiots. Don’t waste any more precious words on them. They like getting responses because they probably get no attention in their lives.
      Go and do good things for children in Caylees’ name…donate time or $ to a childrens’ charity.
      You’re better than these people that are making idiotic and inane comments…

    • No we are just maniacal like you. She had her day in court and was found not guilty. That should be the end of it.But noooo. The brainwashed lynch mobs wants their pound of flesh.

  • Anonymous

    LBJ and Woodrow Wilson started the financial demise. Casey has beautiful breast, which are definitely worth urking the gerk over.

  • kerrie

    as she should be back in florida where she knows what she did to her daughter…im so glad she isn’t welcome back at her parents home…she burned all of her bridges…wonder where she will be??hmmmm her lawyer is gonna help her out…if i was his wife i would be pissed with him protecting her because you know how the pig casey is paying him off……now its time for her to put her big girl panties on and show the world her face….someone will get her ass …laugh that one off casey..with her stupid facial expressions thinking she was gonna be living the good life lol you are gonna get yours hahaha

  • Kerrie

    p.s. ok we all have different opinions on things but hellllooooo casey is a baby killer use commen sense…..this is about a child here…why do you think she is the most hated woman in the world?????? have you heard the jurors talk they believe she is guilty but because lack of evidence they couldnt convict her….

  • Bjsherer

    Who cares what she does abnd what the parents do. Let it go
    !!!!!!!!! Let her die a loswn death;

  • She will get what she deserves. Probation is a bitch. She will violate the terms. She is a party hoe. They have been hiding her cause she is probably drunk and talking crazy. She won’t be able to get a job. Maybe she could just have another kid? Marry a Lawyer, work in his office?? Somebody’s hinky got sucked..I am kind of curious as to her whereabouts. Who would hide a scum bucket like her?? She’s broke, she Lie’s, causes drama , and kills baby’s. Hope its a big house. Why is George not in jail?? He is guilty too.. They all knew where the little girl was. Once the civil suets start she will be totally ruined. No way a man will marry her. She is too marked. She will die alone and lonely. I think someone may even try to hurt her. The probation thing is gonna kill her one way or another. I hope the Probation office does a urine exam. She smokes weed, she drinks. They will get her. Plus she has no place to stay. She has to have an address. This is a high profile case. I bet we see a delay in this happening. Augest 26th is close.

  • JudyLynn

    As part of the probation, she must allow her probation officer to visit her home or employment location on the fifth of every month, Are you serious? WTF is wrong with FL? You don’t give an individual on Probation a heads up on when your coming that is so assinine it should be random and not just once a month. What a bunch of Bullshit no wonder FL has the problems it does.

  • Lmnathan

    Thats what her parents say, but what they do is always differant. Look at the testimony of Cindy, she lied under oath. She is trying to negociate a book deal “blood money” off the murder of her child. The ScamAnthonys opens charitys and take 80% of the money. They can not be trusted. If they want people to believe them I think they should file a civil suit against Casey since they know and so does 2/3 of American that Casey killed Caylee. If they want people to respect them they would go after her for wrongful death. But they have not and won’t, they are just trying to cash in on the death of Caylee, just like their trashy daughter.

  • Lmnathan

    7/13/11 LMN

    • Dreamofjeanie

      Bella Karma will get her….
      Thank you for writing this tribute to little Caylee

    • celena

      that was awesome and so very true!!!



    • ravenmom1


    • renae luginbuhl

      wow to Lmnathan that is so moving bringing tears to my eyes

    • Guest

      How long did it take you to compose this poem? Why not sell its copyright to a book publisher who may use it as a foreword to a book about Casey Anthony? You may get a free book for it.

    • I enjoy fiction too.

  • She will have to live with her conscience—if she has one! Probation is a mere slap on the wrist to compensate for the travesty she has done. It is her nature to do evil. She will do it again. All we need to do is sit back and give her some rope and she will hang herself.

  • Kkatydid57

    if they have not had any contact with her how did she get the necklace with caylees remains then it must be Lee

    • ?????

      THAT is a very good point people keep missing.

  • Deannaolesky

    A great judgement must be paid if casey Anthony killed her daughter so she can hide all she wants God see ALL

  • Sena40

    she’ll slip up and go right back to jail where she belongs. I look at pictures of caylee and her big eyes and think WOW the last thing she saw was her own mother killing her, how can she rest.

    • Prove it.

      • Tina

        The fact that she didn’t report her daughter missing is proof enough for me that she should still be behind bars..I mean c’mon..Really? Somewhere in one of them clubs she was at dancing, smilin for pics, and sippin on booze..There was a phone..

  • Lisa

    Casey killed her dependent so she won’t have to worry about that. More money to celebrate her freedom.

  • renae luginbuhl

    i give her 2 months and 71/2 days tops untill she fucks up and ends up and jail what about everyone else??

  • kaly

    don’t forget to file a petition for federal court casey anthony
    go to google type petition for federal court casey anthony
    thank u guys we could make the difference

    • She was found not guilty.She can never be tried for it again.She shares the same rights as anyone else so deal with it as best you can.

  • Anton12

    the intelligent level of our commenters is unreal

    • Siham

      What we have here is an individual who complains about the intelligent level of our commenters, but doesn’t show us the level of his own intelligence.

  • Siham

    This I believe. Call me stupid if you wish

    It was George Anthony who was searching for chloroform on the Internet, not Casey, not her mother.

    George Anthony chloroformed Caylee so she could sleep soundly, and then sexually assaulted her. Then she died. He didn’t intend to kill her, but the dose he gave her was probably an adult dose. He was doing the same thing with her mother Casey (sexual assault under threat) since she was 8 years old (that’s how far as she could remember!)

    After his granddaughter died, George felt guilty for what he did, or was scared of being a suspect, so he planned to commit suicide (I never heard of a grandfather planning to commit suicide because his grandchild died! The parent, possible.)

    He duct-taped Caylee’s mouth and disposed of her body in the woods, so that the case would look like someone kidnapped her from the backyard then murdered her.

    He was a previous police detective who served 10 years only in that job (why only 10 years; was he fired?) He knew exactly what investigators would be looking for as clues.

    He bought a gun in order to kill Casey in case she tells the investigators that he did it, as he threatened her when Caylee died.

    Wake up people! An innocent mother spent three agonizing years in jail and still living in fear that someone might hurt or kill her, while the killer pedophile George, her despicable father, was never a suspect in the case.

    • Tina

      Aww..poor Casey.. Didn’t look to fearful of daddy while she was partying it up at the clubs..Bad scenario..

    • Anonymous

      Really? Who last seen with Caylee? Guess what, it was Casey. They already proved that Caylee (body in the bag) was in Casey’s van when she drove in Grandparent’s house with her boyfriend at that time. H~ello.
      Actually he tried to attempt suicide after he heard of Caylee’s copse was found. And in fact, no mother would go to party during Caylee’s missing and lie about her personal stuff and her employment.
      Gun? What gun? There is no gun or any weapon that found in their houses by FBI, CIA, officers enforcements, or anyone.
      Perhaps, you are so blind to see it.
      George is a detective? You meant, just a police, but former police.

    • Anonymous

      Oh yeah, her father George, mother Cindy and Casey’s friends hadn’t seen Caylee since Casey took Caylee from party.

  • Anonymous

    As Casey is reading all these hate comments, I can imagine her raising her middle finger at them, as did Mason to the reporters.

  • jeff flyntt is a PIG so enough said on that. on the other hand GODS CHILD killer is a skank using the murder of little caylee to get BLOOD MONEY. that bitch was a NOBODY and still is a NOBODY. watch his book sales go down down down. BOYCOTT BOYCOTT BOYCOTT.

  • guest

    Dear “A Fighter For Justice For All”
    You are so dumb. So naive. And your name is completely juvenile.

    • Anonymous

      Really, guest? Ur sound like you were in Juvenile before, plus I don’t think you ever read the news that Casey actually lies about her daughter’s disappearance, employment and personal. Maybe you just like her because of her ass! Calling us a dumb, haha what about calling us a valiant, instead of dumb or naive? If you were in America then you also known the USA is an bravery of independence, knowing what is good and evil which we only fought for freedom, not for wickedness. God is on our side, since he shot with his lightning to same swamp that where Caylee died! Look up the internet, moron!

  • SHAR

    She is a disgrace to Mothers. I hope she is found dead in a trunk in the heat of July or August. With duct tape on her mouth. She is nasty whore who wanted to fuck instead of taking care of her daughter. You nasty bitch, rot in hell All the money she gets dont worry Biaz will take it as well as she will live in hell with it, What news station wants to hear her life history who gives a fuck about her, ROT IN HELL CASEY

  • Logicdog

    From the comments, I can see that this is the site where the vigilantes come for their circle jerks. . .

  • dunno123

    Funny how those defy the truth that Casey is the one who is manslaughter of Caylee. Nobody wondering why she got a tattoo that labelled Bella Vita and gone to party all week while FBI, police, Detective involved AFTER she announced that her daughter missing then every1 went out to search for her daughter, later announced was kidnaps by babysitter, yall know where this goin, right eh. By the way she was interrupting their investigation until they found the plastic wrapped body. Yo might ask where they find it, its right behind the house at all whole time. Wait, screw that. Casey family is responsible for behind all times.

    Everytime i heard bull they said Media put those in, “what fuck”, thats idiotic assumption i ever heard in entire life. Who have a right in mind to go around and telling her child got missing, kidnapped by babysitter while partying? And why would Media killed someone’s child and planted her there? You people are fucked up in head as points this Casey is innocent. Yeah sure, she the one who drove the car with odors filled in.