Casey Anthony Trial: Was Cindy Anthony Lying About The Chloroform Searches?

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jul. 01, 2011

For a moment Thursday, it seemed like Casey Anthony was going to take to the stand after it has long been rumored and speculated by various reporters, especially today after she returned from lunch seeming to be in a good mood and taking notes. According to a source close to the Casey Anthony trial, Anthony was getting “anxious” about taking to the stand and speaking directly in front of the jury, but her defense advised her not to do it because she would be hurting the case by testifying.

Shortly after her defense attorney Jose Baez told Judge Perry Belvin that “the defense rests,” Belvin questioned Anthony if it was her decision not to to testify, to which she answered “Yes, sir”. Many people following the case have been hoping that Anthony would take the stand to defend herself after cameras have been pointed at her throughout the trial as she cried, smiled, and looked rather emotion-less.

However, that wasn’t the only thing that happened in court on Thursday. Remember forensic expert John Bradley? On day 13, he said that the person who used Anthony’s computer searched the word “chloroform” over 80 times, and spent over three minutes on five sites that related to chloroform in between browsing through MySpace and Facebook. Days later, Cindy Anthony would take to the stand and admit that it wasn’t her daughter who searched for “chloroform,” but it was her.

She admitted, however, that she only browsed through a few websites, not over 80 times as Bradley is alleging. However, now Cindy Anthony admitting that it was her doing the searches, which many followers of the trial think was her way of helping her daughter in the case by putting doubt in the minds of the jury, may come back to haunt her. State attorneys have now subpoenaed documents from Cindy’s former employer known as Gentiva Health Services, which will allegedly prove that she was working at her job on the date she said she was at home doing searches on chloroform.

Although the Anthony’s defense was up in arms about the new evidence, Belvin is allowing it to be allowed. If it comes to light that Cindy Anthony lied under oath, it could be damaging to her daughter as well as Casey’s brother, Lee, and father, George, as it could possibly mean that the family was conspiring under oath to help their daughter/sister possibly escape from being put to death if convicted. The jury already knows that Casey Anthony is a liar, but if it is revealed that her mother is a liar as well, anything she could have said on the stand that could helped her daughter’s case could be diminished.