Casey Anthony Trial: Police Ready For Post-Verdict Media Circus

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jul. 05, 2011

While the jury will take at least an additional day to deliberate whether Casey Anthony is guilty of murdering her daughter Caylee in the summer of 2008, precautions are being taken in the neighborhood where Casey, George, Cindy, and Lee Anthony currently reside in. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office stated Monday, while the jury started day one of deliberations, that once the jury gives the verdict, media will be detoured to an area away from the Anthony home.

People close to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office state that because of the massive following the case has amassed for over a month now, there will likely be a media circus camped out of the Anthony home to continue to cover the case, no matter the verdict. Deputies say that they will be in the neighborhood where the Anthony family resides to check those who are driving through the neighborhood in order to limit traffic to the neighborhood.

The decision comes just over two years after the media was camped out of the Anthony home in the later summer of 2008 when the local media had cameras, reporters, and production trucks outside of the Anthony home to provide coverage of the case. However, nearly three years later, the trial has captivated a nationwide audience, giving television networks that cover it — such as HLN, CNN’s sister cable channel — record ratings. This means that if reporters were allowed to camp outside the Anthony home, it would be even a bigger media circus than during the Caylee Anthony investigation back in 2008 as mainstream media outlets will look to provide their base coverage of the event. Instead, they will be detoured to an area east of the home.

Casey Anthony is on trial for allegedly murdering her daughter back in 2008 to live the life of a careless party girl, the prosecution says. The defense argues that Caylee, Anthony’s two-year-old daughter, accientally drowned in the family pool and her father, George Anthony, helped cover up the death by throwing her body into the woods.