Casey Anthony Trial: Kim Kardashian Says That Anthony Is Guilty

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jul. 01, 2011

The Casey Anthony trial is so captivating that even celebrities are hooked on the case that today had the rebuttal of the prosecution following the defense taking the stand over the past few days. Reality television star Kim Kardashian yesterday weighed in on whether she thinks that Casey Anthony, who is on trial for allegedly murdering her two-year-old daughter back in the summer 2008, is guilty. “I believe Casey is guilty,” Kardashian wrote on Twitter. She added, “But there’s so many conflicting stories raising so much reasonable doubt- I feel this will be a shocking outcome“.

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As for the trial itself, it is starting to wind down. Judge Belvin Perry has made it public that he wants the jury to be home with their families on the Independence Day holiday this Monday, when it is expected that the jury will make their verdict on whether Anthony is guilty of the first degree murder of her daughter. If she is guilty, as Kardashian said, without any doubt by the jury, she will be put on death row where she will face the death penalty.

Unlike week’s past, the jury has been given all of Saturday off as the defense and the prosecution finalize their closing statements as the month-and-a-half long trial finally comes to a close after shocking revelations and statements have become public knowledge from both sides. The jury have now been put in sequester without reaching the outside world for 39 days now.